Speak now or hold your peices

Me and one of the flatmates went house/flat hunting today, well we viewed some places. One of the places the agent couldn’t even get into, because they didn’t have the right key, which made me think the landlord probably wasn’t very… efficient or something. But any ways the place itself, from what we could see through the window – not much – didn’t look very nice. So we agree the the first place was what wanted, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to get t, because people have been messing us around. Well person.

One of our potential new house/flat mates, won’t give us an answer whether she’s going to live with us or at home and the other doesn’t know if she wants to a Masters and therefore stay in Bournemouth or go live at home and find a job. But so far it looks like, we’re going to try and get the frist place, then if she doesn’t want to live with us anymore, she has to pay the rent until she finds someone new, because… well that was her idea. But I’m just hoping she doesn’t back out on us later on in the year and then try and make us pay or something.

I don’t mind living with a rando, but want to know if we should start advertising or whatever. Because places are ging fast. But my flatmate, is making me call the agent tomorrow, even though I have work, because she’s a bit of a bitch about these things. But I’ll do it since she having to deal with the other’s, well I’m going to make her deal with the others, because I’m not doing both…

I’m a little stressed out right now, which isn’t good. Because I think my eye thing is brought on my stress, because it’s bac. I havesome left over meds though, so I’m taking those and hoping it doesn’t get too bad, since I have an exam ext week and I dont really want to be in agony andblind in one eye, for that.

But other that hunting, I’ve had a pretty dull day. Watch ‘We are your friends’, which I actually liked and am now listening to the soundtrack of ‘To write love on her arms’ – the film. Because I saw that the other day, it was really powerful.

I’m still trying to work things out with my friends, for this summer, but one of them is m around with that to, I wish people would be more straightward. I won’t mind if she didn’t feel like she could come, but I would appreciate her just saying straight out. Rather than her messing us around, because the long we wait the more expensive it is going to be and I’d rather it was cheaper, I don’t want to have to spend all the saving in one go, because I want to actually do stuff this summer. Like go to some festivals and all that jazz.


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