The prep before the storm…

I know it’s a bit late for new years resolutions, but still… better late than never right? It’s only the 7th!

So I want to lose some fat this year.

I phrased it that way because I don’t actually want to lose any weight particularly. I might end up actually gaining some weight, since I want to get back some of my tone on my legs and what not, since muscle weights more than fat, I might just stay the same weight or gain some, but since I don’t actually have a way of telling, because there’s no scale in my flat. I won’t know until I head, to wherever I’m going for the summer.

This one I’ll have to play by eye.

I want to do more excersie, but I don’t know if that’s going to really happen. Although I do walk everywhere, so I do do a bit of excersie. I eve walked to work in the rain and wind, which is why I’m considering buying a coat now.

In the end I might just stick to doing some yoga in the morning or something, since that’s not something that will get me all sweating and so not at time consuming as other exercise, though it still really good for you.

Any ways I’m only at the planning phrase right now, but I want to do my research before diving in. Plus I’m not one to eat the same thing week after week, so I want to look for some nice recipes, hopefully that don’t cost too much to make, since I’m running on a tiny student budget, although I do have a job now, but all that’s going into my savings for traveling and all that jazz.

Quote/saying of the day: Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travellers don’t know where they’re going – Paul Theroux


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