As I swing from side to side…

So for the first week of my Christmas Holidays, I was basically working all week and I probably spend half of that pay on trains around the place, first to Bristol from here, having to go to Upwey first, because of track maintances and my dislike of taking buses inbetween trains.

So after staying over in Bristol for a night, me and the father and his girlfriend, went up to see her mother in Woven Sands, along the way we stopped in at he new house in Bedford, despite it being a little run down, because it hasn’t been lived in for ages, it was a nice little place, although their planning to add an extention to make a bigger kitchen and renovate the top a bit to make another bedroom, so it’s going to be a bit of work, but the father seems to have it all planned out.

After stopping over at the girlfriends mother’s place for a night and meet 3 brothers, one of which was the girlfriends son, who I’ve met before and two others are from different mother, but their all huge, I could hardly believe that one was younger than me, which I accidently blurted out at one point – oops! We headed up to Sheffeild, which is where my cousins now live, and stayed there for 2 nights. It was nice seeing them again and my 2 brothers came down, meaning that I finally got to meet my – younger of the two – brother’s girlfriend, she seemed really nice, although,slightly, understandiable overwelled. My cousins new places if huge and amazing, it had one of those showers that take up an entire wall, although I didn’t use it.

After Sheffeild it was off to Bradford – further and further North – which is where the girlfriend’s brother lives and where we were spending Christmas. Although much, much smaller – than the cousins place – 4 floor – it had many floors, but not much on each floor, as it went down into the basement, which was the kitchen – house. We were given a room at the top, which meant we were somehow also in the coldest room, although I was under the impression that heat rose?

It so happened that the father had a cold and gave it me, I guess the fact that I didn’t have a coat and it’s pretty damn cold up North, didn’t help. So I was ill on Christmas day, making this Christmas one of my worst, as I was stuck at a strangers house, surrounded by people that I barely new, since I only really new, the father and girlfriend and then one of my brothers came, but he didn’t really want to be there either, plus all I wanted to do was sleep all day I didn’t really have any Christmas dinner or anything. I only really came down to open my presents, because the father basically made me, then he tried to guilt trip me into going back down later to place a board game or something, but I wasn’t having any of it. It didn’t help that for some reason I was feeling incredibly depressed that day. I mean I had a reason to feel sad and all, but I was just… curl up in the corner, slit my wrist and ugly cry – if you get where I’m going with this, I’m not sure if that makes all that much sense there…

But I started to get better the next day and spent some time with everyone on boxing day, playing games and what not, but I still couldn’t really eat anything. Then we felt the next day, well everyone left the next day. So it was back to Bristol for 2 days, then up to Hereford, to meet up with the old pals. I stayed there until new years day, as my friends put me up, which was wonderful of them. Then it was back to Bristol for 2 hours, then all the way back down to Bournemouth, fortunately arriving not too late and then I had to work today, although it was a slow day, which was both nice and not nice, since I felt absolutely wiped by the end, even though we hadn’t really been doing anything strenuous, or anything.

So it looks like I might be going to Minorca, with the friends this summer, at least that’s where we’ve been looking lately. We found a wowcher deal and then started looking in other places, because people don’t trust wowcher all that much, because the information is a little vague or not really there and all that jazz. Honestly it seems really nice and well pretty damn cheap, so I’m happy, I would have liked to go to Portugal, but I’ve got time and all that jazz.

I also might be going to Cuba and Jamaica with the father, but he says I can invite a friend to go with, so I did, but since there aren’t any final plans, I’m not sure if it going to happen, since they’ve got the house to deal with and everything.

and then there were none

So I like Agatha Christie and when I saw this on BBC, I thought yay, let’s watch that. But after watching it I thought it wasn’t very Agatha. I mean I think they must have taken some artist liberation with this redition, but I stilled liked it. It was a bit more Women in Black, than I expected, espacially with that insane woman and I wasn’t sure who it was, but I did call it before the end, but I wanted it to be… well actually I’ll leave it a mystery, so watch it!


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