Jitter Jitter, crack…

So I fucked up a bit today.

It seems that living on coffee and cigarettes, lead to nothing good, but since I have basically nothing but tins of tomatos I don’t really have anything to eat anyways.

I was feeling a little sick, because I had about 5 cups of coffee and I don’t usually drink coffee at all. Well at least I think that’s why I was feeling sick, plus my brain was going a mile a minute today for some reason, but that I was thinking about anything important. But any ways my nausia propered my co-worker to ask me if I was pregnant, maybe because I had told her before that I was seeing an older guy or perhaps because I told her I was a commitment phob, but either way, I’m not.

But tomorrow I’m going to lay off the coffee, not that it’s looking like I’ll have the time for coffee breaks. Today was really slow, so I think that contributed, since usually I… burn it off or whatever.

But after tomorrow it’s not more coffee at all! and possibly no more cigarettes, although I’m thinking I might just sneak one or two, say I’m going out for a walk or something.

It looks liek I’m finally going to meet one of my brother’s girlfriends – that makes it sound like he has more than one girlfriend, he doesn’t.

He hasn’t let me meet her until this point, although he intorduced her to the father, probably thinks I’ll scare her or something. Although I bet he’s told her a bunch of lies about me, since he likes to make people fear me for some reason – who knows what’s going on in that guys head sometimes, sure I used to be sorta violent, but I’m totally not anymore, I’m super mellow, or something like that.


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