We’re in, now let’s go deeper…

So this one’s probably going to come into the relm of 18+. So all you youngsters turn away and head for the hill. Retention of innocence is a good thing!

Any ways so I could just skip to the ending here, but where’s the fun in that.

I think I’ve found out something new about myself again. Which is always a good thing, even if that thing goes draw me deeper into the ocean of sexual deviancy than ever before. But since I’ve been swimming in that ocean, since I was still in single digits I think it doesn’t really matter how deep I go anymore, as long as I can see the shore – wow I didn’t thik that metaphor was going to go there, but it did…

Any ways so the other day well a couple days ago, I was pleasure cruising – it took me longer than I want to admit to decide what word(s) I wanted to use there.

And as you do when you pleasure cruising, I was fantasising, just normal stuff for me. Alright before I go any further I’m going to admit, that I have tried using porn, but although I do get a mild level of arousal, honestly it’s not reall all that for me. Maybe because it all kind of focused on a male audience, but they all seemed a little fake to me, so I just couldn’t get into them. So fantasising is my way of going about arousal when in this position.

Right now that that’s off my chest I can move on… or something like that.

So I was fantasising – I feel like I’m spelling that wrong…

Then I started thinking about Mr. First, if you’re an avid reader, which as this point I don’t think I have any of those, who’ll know all about Mr. First. So I started thinking about going to second base with him. Alright I’m going to confess ssomething else, I’ve heard about 4 difference versions of what the bases areĀ  excluding sports here – so I’m not sure what they are by this point.

So let’s just say fondleing… I like that word…

So I was thinking about fondleing, which naturally turned into fellatio. Now I’ve done a post on fellatio an my points on it before, so yeah, but this time I was surprised how much it turned me on. So I ended up thinking about others things to do with my mouth that make me aroused and there’s quite a lot. Such as biting. Alright I’ve never actually biten a guy, no wait that’s a lie I have bitten a guys lip before, but he didn’t like it, so I never did it again.

But any ways, epiphany time… think I might have a mouth fetish, well I guess it’s more of a mouth kink, than a fetish. But hey ho what does it matter what I call it.


One thought on “We’re in, now let’s go deeper…

  1. I think there are a lot of truths to be found if one just sits still and meditates. Maybe you are unlocking a part of yourself you never really knew about. So why not explore it? Either in or out of the blogsphere?

    I do not know of the man you speak but here’s to being an avid reader and finding out, in a non linear way I suppose..


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