My feet are soaked… why shouldn’t the rest of me be?

Today was hectc. But then again I don’t know why it feels like that. Since work wasn’t so busy, because of the rain – I’m guessing – which got my feet all wet, since there are holes in the bottom of my boots, but my boss said I could wear trainers for the rest of the week and hopefully I can get some new shoes before the new year and all that jazz. Plus my brother said he could give me a lift back tot he Shire, so I might be able to meet up with my friend.

Hmm some good things have happened today, but then again some bad things have happened as well. I guess I have neutral karma or something.

I want to save up some money and take myself onĀ  trip over my bday week, since my birthday is a Saturday this year, meaning I’ll probably be working, unless I get that weekend off, since I’ll probably have some holiday days built up by then. If only you could carry them over to the next year, I’d have all the ones from this year as well, but I think I’m going to just have to waste those, unfortunately.

I guess today has felt hectic, because I’ve been feeling a bit ill. Well last night I couldn’t get to sleep, I thought it was because I didn’t really eat dinner, I sorta had something at work, then didn’t really feel hungry when I got home and all that jazz. Then I didn’t really have breakfast, well I had an apple,but felt horrible today and I was looking a little pale, so I think whatever I’ve been seeming to come down with these past few weeks, is finally arriving, with the rain – I really need to get a new coat or something.

Although walking home in the rain,without an umbrella can be kind of fun, then people give you weird looks when you’re smile and it just makes me laugh.

But then laughing to yourself can make you look like a insane person, which just makes me laugh even more.

But any ways I’ve got tomorrow off, so I can get down to business on making my revision notes and hopefully sort everything out with the friends and all that jazz.


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