The strangness of those still moments…

Lifes been a bit chaotic lately. The only times things slow down, is when I’m walking from place to place, although stuff has been happening then as well.

Works been really busy, which means a lot of pressure on everyone, but I sort of like it in a way, after getting everything done there’s a nice feeling of satisfaction. Even though I think I make weird faces when I’m under pressure, which isn’t so good for a job where you have to interract with the customers, although I think I’ve been handling things alright.

But today was surprisingly slow. But there was still a bunch to do, since there was a wake happening and a new girl on the bar.

On my usual route home, I passed by some people who had been hit by a car, at least that’s what I over heard, then someone dropped or threw something that sounded like a firework into the street near me and I think someone tried to pick me up today, but it had started raining when I was just starting on my way back and I can’t be bothered to put up my mostly broken unbrella, so I got soaked, maybe that’s why, since I was wearing a white top.


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