In a war you bleed… Right?

Me and my flatmates went to see Mockingjay part 2 today – henceforth there maybe spoilers and what not. Honestly I haven’t read the book, but people who have told me shit, so I knew somewhat, what to expect here and there. But I still enjoyed the film, although at one point I had to surpress my laughter, but it was nice.

Although why do they always put a wedding before a bit battle? I get people want to get married before they potentially die and all that jazz – or in this case, do die – but it just a bit…

But any ways the whole things with the Captial bombing it’s own people, I didn’t buy. Because President Snow, maybe a twist, sadistic bastard of a man, but I just didn’t think that he’d do that. Mainly because, well if he started killing the only people on his side like that, then they’e going to turn against him – just like they did.

Alright I was hoping for some nice clothing like in the last ones, but apart from Effy – I feel like that’s not how you spell her name – who always looks… fabulous – she’s amazing, love her, even though she never does any really hand to hand fighting or anything – no one really had all that much going in the clothing department, but then it was a war and all that jazz, so understandable.

But the bit where they go down into the tunnels, GOD! I’m claustrophobic, so tunnels would not be a good idea for me, plus the bit where they were walking through that deep water. I honestly thought something was going to happen then, but it didn’t. Although the bit after that was horrible.

I can’t believe this was a 12A. I get why they could get away with it, as there was next to no blood throughout the film, but I would most probably not let my child go see it, but maybe that’s just over protective or whatever. Although there was blood when the… second president died. I was glad when she died.

A tiny bit of me was wishing that Katniss would die, because I found her character annoying and all that jazz, at times, with the love triangle, but I was rooting for Peter, so I’m glad they get to together and have cute babies and all that loveliness. Although I love Jennifer, so I think all is forgiven.

My friend was sobbing her eyes out by the end, but she says she always cries when a series finishes. She says she cried when the Twilight series ended as well and for a couple years, she couldn’t watch the last one without crying, although not anymore.

We also got free posters. They were just sitting there outside the screen room, so we took some. I mean it seemed like they were giving them away… So I’ve got some Mockingjay posters to put up on my walls. But there’s this one which is a close up of Jennifer’s face and I think I’m going to have to put that one somewhere where it can’t stare at me… or something.

It’s the one at the end there. Imagine waking up in the middle of night and seeing that while half sleep, in half light.





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