Pirate, pain, no parrot..?

So I finally got seen at the Hospital today, instead of going to a university seminar, but I really did need to get it seen to.

They had to inject my eye again, but the doctors looking after me were really nice. I think they were a little concerned I was going to get run over or something on my way home. I had to wear an eye patch home, man was that painful to rip off, especially as I’m allergic to plasters – oops!

So yeah that was my day really. I spent the majority of it, at the hospital and then getting back from the hospital. I must have looked weird because everytime I go outside I’ve been wearing sunglassed – my eye was super light sensitive – and then on the way home today I was wearing an eye patch, I could see people looking and one guy in a van was even laughing at me, which was a little insensitive, but I didn’t really care, because I bought myself melt in the middle cake.

Oh and of course I have a bunch of new medication to take, which is going to make work tomorrow a little more difficult, I hope it’s not busy, so that I can nip off every hour and take my meds, also so there is less of a chance of me bumping into people, because I don’t think I’ll have proper vision back tomorrow. Sunday is going to be the real challenge, since Sunday is always busy, but I’m sure we’ll make it somehow – hopefully there will be three of us on Sunday.


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