But why a spoon? Because it will hurt more…

Time to settle my mask back on. I’m going back into University for the first time this week, thanks to antics with my health.

I’ve not been a good student since… well since I was home schooled. I could give a thousand excuses why, but honestly I’m not sure how true or valid any of them are. Although I’ve been wanting to just skip the education and get into the world of work – in my feild – since I was 16, even though I waited until I was 18 to start looking for a solid part time job.

So I’ve made the decision to just do something stupid. I guess I’m reaching boiling point and something stupid is just what the doctor ordered. I mean I’m opting for the saner of the many options in front of me. Leaving the country being one of them, but I’m going to try and do that over the summer – can’t wait for the summer, it seems to have become my favourite time of year, to day dream about.

I was doing my accounting today. Well counting the coils in my money box, which is shaped like a lollipop, just because why not? and I worked out that I’ve earned just over £200 since I started working, which was around 3 weeks ago now I think, that’s including tips, even though usually they’re well under £10.

So in light of this wonderous realisation, I went a bought myself some stuff, including a new pair of shoes. I was hoping to buy some new boots, because I don’t think the ones I have now will last all winter, but they didn’t have any in my size that I liked, so I got some trainers, which seem waterproof, so I can wear them and keep an eye out for some cheap boots. I also got some cigarette stuff. I realise I shouldn’t be spending too much on that, since I spend so much on vaping already, but I like smoking and it’s a nice social thing at work and all that jazz, unless I’m working with the girl that doesn’t smoke, then it’s just a nice high. Although they don’t effect me in the same way they used to, which is sad I guess. But I’ve yet to get addicted. I’m not sure I have good… will power, as in I won’t get addicted and if I did I’d be able to quite, but we’ll see. I don’t smoke outside of work, so I think I’ll be alright. But I’ve decided that instead of buying straight, I’m going to buy roll up and I’ve got myself this little machine to help with that, because the last time I tried to roll one, it didn’t turn out too well, although I was drunk, so I might get the hang of it, plus I got myself a cigarette case, because… well I’ve wanted one for a while, but thought I shouldn’t waste the money, so I just got this £2 one, which is basic and black, but I like it, so I can roll them at home and take them into work no problem.

So now that I’m at the end of my post, I’m going to explain the title – sorta. I was considering just leaving it like that… oh know what I am going to just leave it like that. But just so you know, there is a reason behind it, it’s not just random… It’s NEVER just random – trust me for now… or ask!


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