I’ll set sail without you, but I don’t want to…

So it would seem that at least one of my friends wants to leave the country as much as I do this summer. But right now we’re trying to pick a destination, which isn’t proving to be easy, with one of our group veetoing everything outside of Spain, France and Italy. Sure I wouldn’t mind going to any of those places, but I kind of want to look at other places as well. Like of my friends suggested Croatia, which I thought was a good idea after looking at some guide sites, plus I’ve suggested; Bali, Sweden, Greece, Lisbon, Thailand and probably some other places as well. After doing a 2 second – not literally – web search on cheap places to go on holiday in the summer. I want to go somewhere with a little range on thing to do, since I’m not the type to spend all my time sitting on a beach sun tanning, so I want stuff to see and do and perhaps some nightlife as well. So a mix of culture and social would be great, plus beaches as well, which does make finding a place a little harder.

But Lisbon is on the cards, since it’s the only place my freind hasn’t found a problem with, yet. But I haven’t looking at flights although I did see one for next month that was under £30, so I’m hoping it won’t be very much and I know a good site for cheap places to stay, since I have no problem with hostels or camping at this point, as long as we don’t have to bring the tent ourselves, packing light might be the key here, so having a washingmachine would be high on the list of things needed, although if we go somewhere hot, I might just spend most of the time in my bikini/swimsuit, depending on how I feel and the culture, since I really don’t know that much about Porteguese culture.

So I went to the hospital today, only to find the department I went there for to be closed. I only went in today, because the nurse I spoke to on the phone told me to go in asap. But since I was waiting for my friend I didn’t get there in time and he was being off with me, I was trying to make conversation and he wasn’t really… bothering, I guess that relationship is falling apart a little there – ah the saddness of loss.


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