Let’s it snow…

So I haven’t posted in, well a couple days.

The girls came down for Halloween weekend, meaning last weekend. It was nice to see them all again and all that jazz, although one of my friends was being a bit of a downer for the first part of the night and just spent most of it on her phone to her boyfriend, so that was a little annoying, but things brightened up, so to speak, when we got to watching horror films, we watched Scream, a classic right?

Although we were all quite drunk and were trying to guess who the murder was the entire way through, I did call it about half way through, something I wouldn’t have done if I wasn’t drunk.

So now I’ve got the week off, well off from University, although I have 60+ hours of reading to do, plus 5000 words of writing to complete by the end of the week and I’ve got to go into the hopsital and my GP to try and change an appointment I have for Christmas time back at the hospital at home and then I’ve got to call Glide, becuase they’re being bastards and not letting me switch providers, so I’ve got to find out why that it, plus I’ve got to check how much I paid them this month and change the amount I’m paying for rent for the rest of the uni year, so I’ve got some stuff to do. And Mr C has been all over me lately, about getting together, I think I’m more concerned about money and University than I am about my love life right now, becoming a bit of a workaholic it seems, but I think I’m going to have to decline if my Boss offers me more hours this week, because I really need to get everything done, as nice as having a little more cash would be.

Any ways as it turns out I may have to stay in Bournemouth for Christmas time, but the father said he may come down here around that time, and I can go somewhere else during the week, but I can’t really afford to go anywhere, so unless the father is willing to foot the bill for me to take the train places, I’m not going anywhere this Christmas, so I’m going to be the sad alone girl, who’s friends have all gone back home for the Christmas holidays and just has to sit alone eating and ready meal for Christmas and opening her presents on her bed by herself – you get the picture.

So I am hoping that I can get the 2nd and 3rd off, so that I can go back for new years. Although both Christmas and new years usally make me feel sad for some reason; new years it usually because I get all ‘what have I done last year and where is my life going’ which is just a depressing topic and all that jazz, but I’m not sure why Christmas seems to make me sad, I mean I’m not usually sad all day, well at least not in the morning. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of my mother and thinking about how she’s not there and all the traditions we had, makes me sad. This year we won’t be doing, probably, any of our little family traditions, since all the Christmas stuff is in storage by now. I mean I’m not even sure if the father is going to put up a Christmas tree. I think we’re going to have a tiny one here, although I do want to get some decorations, if I’m going to have to spend the holiday here. Maybe I’ll persuade the flatmates to go to poundland and buy decorations there, nice and cheap.


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