Working hard..?

SO I’ve finished my last day of work for the week, get paid Tuesday, so that’ll be good, plus got some tips today – well £5, but that’s better than nothing right?

There was another new person there, today, but she was a restaurant manager before, though she got cancer and had to stop working, so now’s she’s looking to spend some more time with her child. But she was really good, since she knew the basics of how a place runs, so she just ask me about where things were and what to do.

It was fun, but really busy, since most of the tables were reserved and all that jazz, plus I kept taking deserts out to people who hadn’t even got their main meal – ops – but they were all really nice about it.

Although by the time I got home, I just wanted to lye down and not get back up, because my feet were killing me and I still haven’t told my friends I have this job.

Although I had to tell them I couldn’t work next Sunday. I made up some story about having to go home, when I truth I think I’m going to be too hung over to be able to get up in time, since some of the girls from back home are coming down for Halloween.

But my boss was fine about it, she just said in future, to tell her a bit earlier, not the week before. But all well that ends well.

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