If you could write your personal statement totally honestly, what would you say?

So I was reading these posts on this Forum entitled;

If you could write your personal statement totally honestly, what would you say?

It was quite funny. It was meant to be a bit of humour, nothing serious, but the kind of stuff people came up with was pretty close to what I thought while writing my own personal statement. I’m sure I’ve stated this before, in previous posts, and I know I’ve said it to people, but I didn’t want to come to University. Sure I like it now I’m here, but I’d have much rather have gone straight into work, right out of secondary school, but I went to College and then University and I’ve only just got my first real job now – one I can put on my CV at last.

I mean I don’t really know what I want to do with the rest of my life. I tell people I want to be a Forensic Psychologist, but that’s just because that’s one of the few things that interests me right now, that I can do after finishing my degree and I’m not the sort of person who’s used to living without a plan of some sort, day-to-day alright no need, but lifespan it’s nice to feel like you’re working towards something… anything!

I know that I want to be Happy and when I lay dying, I want to full of all those wonderful regrets, not nasty ones. I also wants to travel the world and write a well-selling novel or series, that gets made into a film, but under a fake name perhaps, not mine or something like that.

But to travel you need either money or the courage to go somewhere with no plan as to how you’re going to get by, being able to speak the language could be good there and I’m not good at learning languages, I always butcher them when trying to pronounce words.

Well since I don’t have either of them, I’m stuck just being little old me and little old me, is stuck in a rut…


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