I hate those voices… and now Glide…

I now hate those automated voices things that you get when you call big companies and what not.

I’ve been trying to find out who my gas provider is and since I haven’t had an email back from the email I sent a couple days ago, about it, I decided to call, even though you had to pay – it’s coming up to the end of the month and all.

So I called and got this automated voice thing, alright it was ok, until I had to start putting in my address. By the end I had shouting down the phone at this thing, because it kept saying stuff, like it ‘didn’t get that’ or ‘could I say it again’ then it kept getting my address completely wrong. After what felt like a thousand tried, it changed me over to a real person, who told me within no time, that I didn’t have one registered and that I could chose whoever I wanted. I’m still not sure what that means, but since the call was one I had to pay for, I decided not to talk it through with them, so I’m just going to try and switch to someone else, because Glide isn’t very good.

Especially with what has happened for next month. Making us pay a deposit 3 months in! What’s with that? I mean I get paying one at the start, but not three months in, no way and apparently – according to my housemate – they’re not too good about giving you the money back at the end, so I’m thinking about changing us over to EDF – not just because of the cute mascot or anything like that. Mainly because if I change us over to them, our bill just about halves – wonderful for us poor students.

But I’m having a little trouble working out the switch, they say that they will take care of contacting Glide to switch us, but it also says that there is a 14 day cooling period and then it could take 3 weeks after that to switch, which means that we will still have to pay next months extortionate prices and then I’m going to have to try and get our deposit back, because they seem to be all about me paying that. Might call them this afternoon to talk about that, since there was no mention of having to pay a deposit 3 months in. I think there was something about one at the beginning, but I expected that.


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