Deciding whether to get burnt, while surviving the heat of the kitchen…

So I sort of had my first day at work. It was… good. It was technically a training day, as I’m only meant to work weekends, but it was fun. The people I’m working with all seem really nice and friendly and didn’t get mad at me asking them question after question.

The work itself is pretty simple. I help prep the plates and any other kitchen stuff  that they ask me/give me to do, then I take the plates out to the customers and clear them away after. I also have to do the pudding, but this is just putting the stuff together – not baking it or anything – although the lady I was working with today did that, so I might have some problems with that Saturday – we’ll see – and I have to do the washing, well rinse the plates and put them away after taking them out of the washing machine.

Unfortunately it decided to rain today and I thought it would be a good idea to walk to work. Right so I’ve got this satnav thing on my phone and it’s got a walking option, it’s really bad, for one it was telling me to walk down this motor way, which didn’t have a pavement, so yeah. Then I got a little lost and found the way I was going to go, before thinking that I should follow the stupid thing on my phone – never going to follow that again, at least not on foot. But I got there on time, because I left earlier than need be, but I know about how long it takes to get there, 30-40 minutes, so not long at all really, about as long as it takes me to walk to university, which means – if I keep walking to work and university – I’ll be walking around 6+ hours a week, quite a bit of walking right there, might want to find something productive to do while I walk, perhaps this week I can revise, got a  that test on Monday – not fun.

But something that is fun, is my progressing ‘relationship’, well that might be pushing it, ok conversation, with a guy, who I’m finding out might have the same name as the father – can you say daddy issues?  But I’m hoping that he doesn’t, because I don’t think I will be able to see him in that light, let alone delve into the world of BDSM with him.

Any ways he’s really… conversational, but this week – so far- has been surprisingly full for me, I mean I still haven’t sorted out our gas and electrical issues, hoping they will be going somewhere tomorrow, or I’m going to have to call someone – I’m not one for talking on the phone, if I have to speak to someone, I’d much rather do it face to face, than over the phone, it’s just so cold over the phone, know what I mean? He’s all about chatting all the time, while I’m trying to live my life, suppose that’s what happens when two completely different lives collide, plus he’s a little needy and slightly push-over(ish), although he might be different in person, at least I hope he is or this probably – most likely – won’t work out, which would be sad.

I got a call from Debenhams about a job I applied for 4 months ago, asking me to do a phone interview, so I’ve got to call them back, but I’m torn between telling them no, because I have this ‘catering assistant’ job or saying yes, but telling them I can’t work on the weekends. Because I do need the money and therefore the work, but also I feel like I might be burning the candle at both ends and just might get burnt, if I do that. I’m already behind on my University work as it is – that’s my fault for procrastinating there though. Plus I kind of want things to go somewhere with this ‘guy’ and they won’t if I’m working all weekend, plus during the week and the university on top of that, although I will prioritizes work and university over him… that’s just the way I am I guess.

What she said…… or something….


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