This is enough for now..?

So, I’m happy today, because I got a job. Alright it’s not a very good job or anything, but it’s a job. Pays minimum wage, which I’m not sure what that is and I only work 2 days – the weekend – and I start next Wednesday, because I have to do a training day, because I don’t know how to do anything yet. But all the people working there – that I met, apparently there a couple that weren’t working – seem really nice. Although I’m going to have to ask for Halloween or at least the day after Halloween off, because my friends are planning on coming down here – yay for that! – so I could probably work the Saturday, as long as they arrive late, but not the Sunday, because I’ll probably be wasted and I can’t really ask them to leave at 9:30 in the morning and I don’t feel right leaving them here alone.

Oh this weekend has been a good one it would seem. Now all I need is to find a simple job to do during the week, though I would rather not I think, perhaps I’ll just stick to doing odd jobs more or less.

That reminds me I should be hearing back from that magazine soon, next week hopefully. So that could be some more good news – got to keep those hopes up right?

Quote/saying of the day: Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quite – Unknown (Yeah the quote/saying of the day is back).

Alright so I’ve been watching this anime recently – because I like anime, sue me I’m geeky – and I really like the opening song, so I thought I’d just stick it in the end. If you’re into anime I would recommend it’s pretty good, well I like it.

It’s the English cover, but I like the original as well and this other much shorter English cover, which is a lot different – I guess it’s the way you translate it.


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