I meant to leap, it just didn’t work out that way…

So I’ve gone and taken one leap, but not the other, I guess.

Instead of signing up for online sugar daddy sites – would you call them dating sites, that somehow doesn’t sound right – I’ve signed up for an online fetish dating site or something like that. Any ways thought it was time to take the leap, but it’s more like I’m dipping my toes in if I’m honest, which I don’t see there being a problem with right now, since there isn’t really anyone around me on the site at the moment.

But it’s… interesting. I’ve started conversations with a few doms and we’ll see how those go, although one of them is probably going to go nowhere as he wasn’t an online submissive and I’m not really looking for an online dominant at the moment.

I’ve also got another interview and I’m hoping this one goes better than the other, that didn’t really go. But it seems to be a weekend thing, but I can’t find the job description, as I’m not sure where I applied – which site – so I’ve looking on the main one I use, but can’t find anything. Suppose I’ll find out more tomorrow.


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