Hang on, I’ve just got to not take a selfie…

Alright so this might be obvious considering who I am and that my recent posts have contained stuff about money and jobs a lot more, but I’m living under the description of mostly broke student. I mean thank god I have the father I do or I would be screwed. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

So recently I’ve been considering a potential unconventional way of… dealing with my financial situation. Becoming a sugar baby. Alright the names a little, but hey whatever they want to call it – I think I may have posted about this before, I sure have considered it before – but yeah, so I’ve been doing my research, as every good girl should – not that I would really refer to myself as a good girl – and I’m still not sure if I want to take that leap, sure I’d be alright with meet strangers, as long as I was prepared and wanted to and all that jazz, I am a shy girl, but I can… I don’t know, push that part of myself aside for the situation, I’ve done it before – the not being as shy thing. It’s more the way of getting one, online sugar daddy dating sites, seems to be the most popular, but I’m not too big on the whole putting pictures of myself up on the internet, to be honest I’m not too big on the whole having pictures of myself taken and then I see the cover girls for these sites and I look at myself and just think, I’m not the type of beautiful they want.

Plus I’m not particularly the take charge sort of person, I can be, but that’s not really me and all that jazz. So I’m still holding back, since I have talked to my friends about it – well the ones that could handle the idea – and going out to troll guys in the “richer” part of town doesn’t sound like something I would be good at, plus my friends probably wouldn’t want to come, which could lead to some uncomfortable situations, best to avoid them.

On another note – I’m changing the subject for a moment – it looks like I’m going to have the flat to myself for the weekend, that is Friday til potentially the end of Monday, which could be nice and I could make a weekend of it, although I could just be a bit boring and do some work or something, or I could be a bit more interesting and have a one night stand or something like that. I feel like if I brought someone back here when my flatmates were around they wouldn’t be able to handle that very well, plus I can be loud and since my neighbours decided to – I think – remodel their kitchen or something, I think they can stand the noise.


One thought on “Hang on, I’ve just got to not take a selfie…

  1. I recently just started my leap into the “sugar bowl” myself after serious research and consideration. I had ended a terrible relationship and got sick with the idea of doing something like that all over again! When I have my first official “sugar date” I’ll post about it!


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