The stink that was left behind…

So the other day me and my friend went to ASDA to do our weekly shopping. To get there we have to walk down this little side alley (ish) bit past a main road. So the other day we were talking down there, talking about this and that, as people do when they walk together, and we rounded a corner and noticed this guy a little way in front of us. He obviously heard us come round the corner as well – I mean we weren’t actually being super quiet or anything, I think my friend had just told me a funny story and we were laughing – as he turned to look at us, so he obviously saw us, but a couple of seconds later he started peeing. My friend turned to me and muttered ‘is that guy… peeing?’ I was like ‘yeah I think he is’. And he wasn’t just standing there peeing, he was walking along this little path peeing as he went, alright he was walking away from us and slowly at that, also he was turned into the wall a little. But then another guy came around the next corner, he stopped for a moment, I think he was trying to decide whether or not to turn around and go another way, but in the end he kept on walking, his eye flicking to the peeing guy to make sure he didn’t, I don’t know turn around the try and pee on him, which my friend later told me was a fear she also had. So the new guy made it past him and walked past us, sending us a ‘what the fuck is going on’ face as he did. I just shrugged and smiled a little.

So at this point we weren’t that far away from him and he was started to wander out into the middle of the path, so getting past without trouble wasn’t really looking to be an option, so we stopped for a moment, trying not to look at him to much, but thankfully when he came to the end of the path, he finished and quickly wander away.

I just laughed about it and my friend made faces, but we continued, being careful not to step in his pee, which didn’t smell to great, but then that path doesn’t ever smell too great. And we spectated on whether or not he was drunk and how bad that part of the neighborhood was, it’s honestly not the best part of Bournemouth – let’s just leave it at that.

But on the way back from shopping, as we climbed the stairs a guy shouted something at as. He was sitting at the top of the stairs and when we looked up, he got up and wandered away. It was really strange, but a part of me thought he might have been the same guy that was pissing earlier. I have no idea what it was that he shouted at us, since it was only about one word and I wasn’t paying attention at all.

But any ways, it was an interesting trip to ASDA, I guess.


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