Relationship… Run… Commitment…

So one of my modules this year is personality and in our seminar this week we were doing psychoanalytical shit. This included such things as word association – this is basically where someone says a word and you say the first thing that comes into your head on hearing that word, it’s meant to tap into your unconscious or something like that.

So any ways in the seminar this week we did a little word association and I just happened to be sitting on the end of a row, so of course John – my Lecturer – decided that he would start the whole thing with me. So of course the first word he says is relationship and the first thing that comes into my head is ‘Run’. Literally that was the first thing I thought when he said that word. But I was in a room of my peers and what not, so I tried to think of what a ‘normal’ person would say and said ‘commitment’ instead and so it went round the room.

I think from that I can say that me calling myself a commitment phob, is not completely unfounded. I mean I posted about this last time. I’m not sure if I want to get into a relationship or not right now. I mean I’m not going to pass of something that I think could be amazing, because I don’t think that what I think I want right now or something weird like that. But then I’m not actively seeking a relationship, but then I think I haven’t been for a while…


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