You can look, but touch and you will be burnt…

So I went up to Norwich to visit my friend over the weekend.

I was expecting… well I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was a lot of fun and the train/tube ride up there was just fine. Normally I’m not that good at taking trains, because I get really anxious and what not, but this time I was alright and I really got why people love London so much, sure I was only passing through and unless it becomes an option for me to do my PhD there, then I’m not going to live there anytime soon, but still there was something about the amount of people, just passing each other by, like ships passing in the night, as if the other wasn’t there, but still aware, you get it?

Although that has always been a thing for me, when I’m walking alone I notice it more than when I’m with others. It’s just this feeling of… being part of a bigger picture, but not on a universal scale.

Any ways Norwich, so my friend met me at the train station and after getting us a little lost, because she doesn’t know the city that well, we headed back to her new place to meet her new flatmates. They all seems really nice and cool, which of course gave me… flatmate envy, because last year I wasn’t as lucky to find people I clicked with in my house, but we all can’t be so lucky.

After meeting most of my flatmates, we order pizza, well Dominoes and she tried to do some work, but that didn’t really happen, which I felt a little bad about, but she said it wasn’t because of me or anything.

So of her flatmates were cute, but most of them seemed to be attached and the girls were straight. She was saying how most of the people she has met there are straight, a completely different experience than what I had, were most of the girls were saying they were bi, just like me, until I redefined as pan. There was actually quite a bit of drama going on. One of the girls from the flat above slept with one of guys from my friends flat and they got together, but on the night I was there he was meant to take her on a date and I think I should state here, that this girl has never been on a date before, she got really pissed – both definitions of the word – and they had a ‘fight’ well apparently it was more her stated she was annoyed at him, after stating she was Beyonce to us, and him braking down and crying on her shoulder for an hour or something, while the rest of us hung out in one of the other guys room with his friend looking at pictures of his friends from home – I wasn’t wearing my glasses and was a little tipsy, so I couldn’t really see the pictures properly. He was a really cleanly sort of guys and got a little angry when I sat on his bed with my shoes on, but it was fine once I’d taken them off, also as with most of the guys I seem to meet he stared at my boobs a bit, but he had a girlfriend back home, which after I’d left he had a heart to heart with one of the other flatmates about. Apparently he was missing her lot that night.

But over all it was a fun visit and I do miss my doll face – that’s my nick name for my friend – so it was lovely to see her and get a little drunk and high on nicotine, since I don’t really smoke unless my drinking or with someone that smokes and she smokes like a chimney. She invite me – and perhaps one of our other friends who lives in London – to come down for Halloween, which they were already decorating for and apparently the first of the decorations went up when they moved in.

Don’t get me wrong I’d like to go, but that’s quite soon, since I only just went, so I might end up having a quiet Halloween since at least one of flatmates won’t be here and I’m not sure about the other, but I’m hoping to have a job by then or at least something to that end.

Although, I’ve submitted one of my pieces to a magazine, which is selected they will pay me for it. So that could be something, or nothing, but I’m hoping for something. The piece I chose to submit was Firefly, I think I might have a link to it on my From Laputa to you page. It’s one of my longer piece, actually the longest I believe – It’s the longest finished piece that I still like. But that doesn’t mean that its not rubbish.

I’ve also started watching the second season of From Dusk Till Dawn – it’s a netflix original based on the film of the same name, which I did watch some of, although I think this series is now sort of just making it up as it goes, since it doesn’t seem to be sticking to the film much any more, having passed the films time frame I believe.

I thought a little music at the end might be nice and all that jazz


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