Limitless weekend socialization…

So I’m just being me the average university student which means that I haven’t done any of the reading I’m meant to get done by next week – and since I’m meant to be going to see my friend in Norwich – she’s just started university there – this weekend, that means I’m not going to be able to do it then, so it looks like I’m going to have to cram it all into Monday – perhaps that will motivate me to do it during the week next time – although it seems that I work well under pressure, hey ho life goes on and all that jazz.

Any ways so yeah, I’m meant to be going to see my friend and have an interview or something like that tomorrow on the train, because I get on the train at 9:30 so I think earlier than that and I’ll just be dead and not very good over the phone, so I decided that instead of waiting till Monday and perhaps seeming not too interesting in the job, I’m going to do it on the train and hope it’s all alright and if it’s not then perhaps I’ll get a different job – we live in hope.

I’m actually writing this while watching youtube, so the spelling mistakes and what not and sentences that don’t make sense well that’s why, in my other posts I don’t have an excuse. I’m watching lifeoflimitless because I became a little obsessed with limitlessexp over the end of summer, so yeah, check him out and all that jazz.

So yesterday I went over to my friends new place, which is way nicer than my place, apart from the fact that one of his housemate’s girlfriend is staying with them for a while and apparently they have loud sex a lot, so fun for their housemates. Apparently the guys a big womanizer and isn’t liking having his “girlfriend” staying with him, but he can’t ask her to leave, because she has no where to stay right now. But because they give me free food when I go over there and I’m friends with most of the people staying there, I’ll probably be around a lot in all my amazballnessness. Although there place isn’t super close, but it actually isn’t all that far away.

Any ways I should probably go pack something to wear tomorrow, because I think my Norwich friend is going to want to go out, although she did say most of the club are ticketed, so pubbing it is – her words not mine. But her housemates seem fun, so nice to meet new people, just like I was doing yesterday, when I went out with my flatmate to the beach for a BBQ with her friends. They all seemed nice and a couple of them were cute to boot, although I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so I could be wrong about that one, but that’s not the point – new friendliness and people to drink with, because my housemates don’t really drink, but they do and they’re all up for giving my drinks, so yay!


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