Supplement, supplements and sore feet

I believe now more than ever that I am indefinitely a one trick pony, but that’s not the point, or is it?

Any ways so yesterday my flatmate said something that made me laugh; Me: Wow it’s 4pm already, the days just flown by. My Flatmate: Yeah, that’s because we wasted half of it at university.

She was only joking of course, because well she’s way more studious than me, although she’s going to be going to conventions and missing stuff because of it and she’s still more studious. I mean I didn’t really want to come to university in the first place, but here I am all the same in my second year at this place, with less of a plan for my life than when I entered. I mean I kind of have a plan, but it’s not a real one. I just put off thinking about the future as something that is actually going to happen and not this abstract thing.

I’m still looking for a job and now I’m thinking about trying my hand at freelance writing, I mean as long as it’s not too time/energy consuming – which by experience of writing it is, but hey ho – then I might be alright and if I manage to get a Christmas job as well, that would be great and could just add to the income, since living is expensive, especially when your student loan doesn’t even cover your rent let alone all your bills, but at least I got my loan today, thought it might not come through, because of a mix up with the university, but it’s in there, so yay!

And my journey to see my friend is set in stone, even though I’ve contracted a cold today. Woke up with a sore throat and I’m all bunged up, although I’m hoping to use old wives tales and what not to cure myself, but who knows. It’s not like I’m the most healthy person in the world right now or have been since I was single digits.


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