Stupid cupid fair searching…

So today was… fun.

I went to the fresher’s fair with all the first years and what not, although there were some older years there, such as me and my friends, one that I didn’t know was there, but I saw her snapchats. She’s one of those people that feels the need to document every second of her life, no matter what it is, but hey I shouldn’t judge her or anything, I look at her snapchats.

It was a lot of wandering around and getting accosted by people trying to get you to join or buy things. My friend just wanted free cake, which we had to walk up 5 flights of steps to find and since it was a nice day, it was lovely and hot inside, with all those people in there, but I got to check out the SUBU building so what the hell. She also hit on, and by that I mean smiled at and said exactly 2 words to, with sort of cute guy at the Books and Beyond stall, although she probably won’t have been interested if he wasn’t there and all that jazz and also she probably won’t have put her name down if I hadn’t been there, since I’m cupid apparently, when it comes to trying to get my friends to talk to randoms, even though my own love life is lagging, I’m more invested in getting theirs going – guess that says something about me?

Still on the great job search of 2015. It’s kind of disheartening when people don’t reply, even a rejection is better than nothing, she says realising she did the same to someone else… damn!

So I’ve started the next season or rather apparently last season of The Vampire Diaries, I must say that Elena is a little less annoying, but the whole thing was Damon and Bonnie is just annoying and I wish Caroline and Stefen would just get together already.


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