This was not meant to happen… that way

So I’ve been having one of those days when everything goes wrong.

First I had a panic attack this morning, meaning that I missed my bus and had to cancel my interview, but I got another one, or rather rescheduled it for Friday, when I found out my induction was at the same time as another interview I have and, so I tried to move it, but the only other available time was an hour later and it take about an hour to get there and finally I somehow did the calculations for the bills wrong and got super impossibly confused about how they work and almost over billed my flatmates – They should not have left me in charge to the bills – although I think I would have noticed and corrected it – hopefully.

So apart from those small things, today has been pretty boring. Oh but I did make myself feel really bad about a post I did on the other blog ‘The Photo Puppet’, you can check that out to the right – I do believe.

I felt bad because someone messaged me saying that they suffer from depersonalization and if you read the title of the post you might get why. But they just wanted to know if I was alright and be there for me, so I sent them a thank you and told them I was good, because I wasn’t sure how to reply.

Also my other flatmate arrived and so we are now all here – yay!

I was thinking about going into the city center to try and see if there are some places hiring tomorrow, as in go in in person, but I not sure if I want to even leave the house after today – we’ll see.


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