The fright night… future week…

So I’m back in Bournemouth – yay!

This week is going to be busy, well it should be. I’m still job hunting, going to go look in the city center at some point, with the roommate, although I think if we apply for the same job, she’ll get it, because she has worked before in retail and all that jazz, but that’s ok.

After looking around the place and settling in and all that jazz, we decided – yesterday – that it would be a good idea to watch 5 nights of Freddy video and by that I mean Dan and Phil playing the game. It’s an amazballs game and by that I mean, fucked up. The back story alone is like ‘what the fuck!?’

I should have a busy week, although today is the only day I don’t have anything really planned, well just shopping at Asda, because I live like 20 minutes away, so I’m going to have to walk there and stop ordering online and what not. Then tomorrow is a morning interview and Wednesday is Induction and friendliness, Thursday is another interview and I might be going to Norwich this weekend, so full-ish week.

Although every day I wake up really early here, because the light just streams onto my bed, I feel it’s both good and bad thing, because I wake up which is good if I need to and bad if I don’t.


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