Am I not blowing right?

So something good has happened to me recently, apart from the lovely shopping spree, which was mostly done in charity shop, because I’m trying not to spend lots of money on clothes anymore.

But any ways the good news is that I’ve got some job interviews, well one telephone interview and a face-to-face interview. Although I have had some rejections, but at least they were polite enough to let me know that they didn’t want me, unlike some of the other places I’ve applied to. But hey ho, interest is interest and even if it turns out these jobs aren’t what I’m looking for, it’s nice to know that somewhere would consider hiring me.

Hence the shopping trip, with the gal pal, since I don’t really have any clothes that are… well, suitable really for an interview, even if the job is cleaning – I mean you don’t want to wear nice fancy smancy clothes to clean now do you – but I wanted to get something I could wear to a range of interviews, in case any of my other job application get to that point, which of course I hope they do. I’ve only got a week left before all the first years start beginning to send in their applications and what not. Don’t want mine to drown in a sea of other, potentially more qualified candidates, but just because they have more ‘experience’ doesn’t always mean they’ll be a better worker, in some case hell yes, but in others perhaps not. A girl needs to start somewhere and if that has to be the bottom I don’t mind, as long as I can somehow make around £600 a month – not from one job, although that would be amazballs – then I’m ok. At the moment I’m thinking I might need to get 3 jobs to make that much, because of travel to and from work costs, since with this cleaning one, the travel costs are about half my salary, if I worked for 2 hours and I think it might be about that much time, because unless their continuous sort of things, then cleaning job hours aren’t usually that long.

Any ways, I also still haven’t started packing and I’ve got to finish(ish) by Friday, since that’s when the father is returning to collect me and then Saturday we’re heading out. I think it would be alright if I had a couple kitchen things that I was using out, as long as I can just stuff them into the box and go, but my bedroom has to packed and ready to get. Since the stuff I’m not taking back to university with me is going into storage, kind of the reason why I don’t want to pack, since I basically have to decide what I want for the next year or perhaps a bit less, of my life. Unless they find a place, since the place they liked, turned out to be too far from the girlfriends mother for her liking, so that’s a no go now.

So this week looks to be a busy one, starting off with shopping and interviews and ending with packing. Then of course I promised my friend I’d go down and see her sometime in the two week after this one – her freshers. I think the first week would be best for me, if I get the cleaning job and they want me to start right away, which I feel they might, since I have lectures in the second week and I don’t want to miss them, first week and all.

I’ll sort it with her.

So I’ve also been replaying Zelda; spirit tracks, because well why not? I actually quite like the game, apart from the sanctuary flute playing, I just can’t seem to get past the ocean one. I mean I did it the first time round, but that was on the ds and I’m like is it me or the fact that I’m using a 3ds and that’s somehow different. Course I want to blame it on the device, but I think it’s just me. I mean I remember having trouble with this one before, but finding the other relatively easy in comparison, which is a little odd, but hey ho, what can you do – cheat, oh but I can’t do that.


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