Ginger fringe and alcohol binge…

So one week today, I’ll be back in Bournemouth in my new flat. For the rest of that day the place is mine, as my flatmate will be moving in the next day.

Just enough time to have a quick snoop around their bedrooms. I’m just joking – maybe.

But any ways, quite a few of my friends – that are going – have already left for university, I think only 2 remain, although one of them is coming home every weekend, great news for his girlfriend, perhaps not great news for his social life. But it was a condition from his family – you think they would be proud that he got into a good/ish university and is even going, since apparently he has no real idea of what he actually wants to do with his life, to the dismay of his girlfriend, who apparently wants to travel the world and what not, not something so simply done, when leaving a loved one/potential husband, her words not mine, at home alone. Not that she thinks he’ll stray.

So today is National Redhead day everyone. I’m unfortunately not a redhead, but I do have the gene or could have it, my mother was a redhead, before the first round of she got cancer and all her hair fell out and grew back blonde then white.

I’m still on the old job hunt, with no results yet, but we have hope and all that jazz and if worst comes to worst I can sell all my stuff, well all the stuff I don’t want, which I would usually donate.

My friend has surprisingly been keeping in contact with me this time around, last time we both went off to university, I only heard from him, after he had got pretty damn plastered. So that’s all lovely, he’s been dating which is great for him, he deserves to find someone nice and handsome and whatever other attributes he’s looking for, so I’ve been routing him one and giving him encouragement as best I can. I’m glad that he feels he can talk to me about this stuff, since he came out to us all, as a proud card carrying homosexual over this summer, although we all already knew, but that’s not really the point.

I’ve been feeling rather on the side of lonesome today, which means that I didn’t get anything that I was meant to done and I’ve been day drinking again. I really am becoming a bit of an alcoholic, these days, but that ends when I got back to university, apart from nights out and late night essay writing (etc). Although I’m more or less planning to go to one of my friends freshers this year, because I’m probably not going to go to my own or anything, since not many of my university friends really drink, none of my flatmates do, as far as I know, plus it’ll be nice to go to a new city and what not.

Everyone’s been promising to go see everyone else more thing year, since I think me and one other person were the only ones last time around. But whether or not people will follow through on that I have no idea. I’m thinking they won’t be coming to see me ever often, because I’m the furthest away and it’s quite expensive to get down to Bournemouth, although it’s going to become cheaper for me to come home after the move, since the father wants to move to this village above London, which I cannot remember the name of. Honestly I’m not exactly super excited about moving there, but that doesn’t really matter, since if all goes as planned, I won’t be for most of the year, as I want to go away for most of the summer and then get my own place after that while I’m doing my Doctorate and everything.

Quote/saying of the day: When redheaded people are above a certain social grade their hair is auburn – a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s court – Mark Twain

So I haven’t been doing the quote/saying of the day recently thought I might start again.


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