As the future stares me down…

So it’s been a few days since I last posted and that’s because I’ve been stopping myself from posting.

I mean I’ve been stopping myself from doing a lot lately, but hey ho, life goes on, and on and on…

So I’m not in my new place, as I decided it would be a good idea – and save money – if I stayed at ‘home’ for the 2 weeks I was meant to be in the new place alone. I mean I’m alone here, but at least there’s the cats, so that something and I don’t have to pay bills here, so that’s always a plus.

I talked to the father about the places he’s thinking of buying to rent and he seemed ok with the idea of me staying in them when they are empty, which means I can have my time by myself, but still have a place to crash as the girlfriends and his place as well, although I have no idea where it’s going to be, I hope it’s nice and all that jazz.

So as I was going to spend the weekend moving into my new apartment and then job hunting, I just job hunted instead. There are a lot of job opportunities, but whether or not anyone will want to hire me is a different story. Mostly I just don’t really want to be in retail, unless I can work with the stock or something, so I’m avoiding those jobs at the moment, but if I have to I will try and get them. I’m also going to start looking in nursing homes and places like that, but at the moment it’s all cleaner and receptionist jobs that I’m going for. I don’t particularly like cleaning, but it’s a job that more on the side of basic, as in once you know what you have to do, you can just get on and do it, which I think could be good for me.

Any ways less about jobs, although I have considered selling my body and by that I mean my blood and other such things, because apparently there are some places that will pay pretty well for blood and I also have thought about taking part in paid clinical trials. I was hoping to get something more… closer to the field that I actually want to work in, which is why libraries and book shops are the next things I’m going to try and get jobs in. Unfortunately the local cinema didn’t seem to have any job vacancies at the moment, but I can keep trying and then I’m also going to try and get sitting jobs, like pet care and child care, because I love animals and children are cute – although perhaps more in small doses.

The buyers for this place came round today, with their two children, the little boy was s sweet and cute with the cats, although the kitten didn’t like him too much – she’s never met a child that young before, but the other cat grew up with me being young when we got her and all that jazz.

So yesterday me and some friend when to the ‘local’ river. Alright it’s not actually local, but it’s nearby. It’s in Hay-On-Wye, near where some of my friend live, so it’s local for them.

We had a good time, had a BBQ and built a fire, talked about the future and how we all want to go abroad. I’m glad they all want to go abroad as well, although we’re thinking that one of our friends – this was the same one that had a panic attack driving home from Cornwall – won’t be wanting to come. We’re going to invite her – of course – but after what happened, I think she probably won’t feel up to it, but you never know.

Alright this isn’t big news to anyone but me, but this game I love, well it’s an app/game. Has let out new… levels. I have talked about it before, because the artwork is so beautiful and the game is just really fun to play. It’s Monument Valley, I would recommend to all ages, although there was this one review saying some of the levels were so hard you had to go look up how to complete them on youtube, which is completely not true. Unless you have no… imagination at all, I guess. I mean its actually pretty straight forward, I can finish it in a day, although I was trying not to with the new levels, I was trying to make it last all week, it didn’t.

These are just images of some of the new levels.

I’m really hoping they continue making more, because their really good, although coming up with the ideas for the designs must be hard, let alone actually creating them.

So I’m getting my results for the retake, this week, them in 2-3 days. And them I’ll know whether or not I really am going back to university, or whether I’m going to have to change what I want to do with my life. Because I am not going to stay there for 4 years, because I have to do 1 module for a whole year, although I would have lots of spare time to work.

Honestly the only reason I went to university in the first place is because I had to go to be able to do the job I wanted to do and now I don’t even know if I want to do that anymore, but I’m sticking with it, all the way to a doctorate if I can and if I can’t, well I find something else to do with my life, there is a billion things out there, so I’ll find something, but I hope if doesn’t come to that – I know it kind of seems like I’m take the road most trod, if that the saying, but it’s not like I don’t want to work in the field or anything.

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