Travel time again…

So this week has been… more full than previous ones. I had to go into the city twice for appointments, during one of which I lost my glasses and the other of which I bought new ones, which are not meant to be ready until after I go back to university. I also found out I am going to be on my own in my new flat for 2 weeks, as my flatmates aren’t really moving in. They’re just dropping off their stuff and what not.

It seems that Sunday has become party day with me and my friends, as last Sunday we had a kick back at one my friends house and this Sunday we had one at mine. Honestly Sunday isn’t the best day, as you can’t go out and grab more of stuff when you need it, but what the hell we had a good time.

Although I did get slightly – maybe a bit more than slightly – drunk at both – as you do – and ended up flirting with my friends boyfriend while she was one time asleep and the next time not around, he started it! I know not really an excuse, but if I was sober I wouldn’t have done it and it wasn’t like I was trying to get with him, or anything.

So we watched horror films and other films and played ring of fire and poole – I think that’s how you’re meant to spell it, I cant’ be bothered to check.

I had to go to the Hospital of Wednesday, for a check up, as I have to do yearly or now twice a year and my eye thing, is still around, so I’m back on the steroids – yay for that, just have to be careful with the dosage, don’t want to start hallucinating again.

Any ways like I said I lost my glasses, so I’ve been wearing this old pair and for the past few days, not yesterday or today, but the days after Thursday, I’ve been feeling really… nauseous and when I moved my head at a pace anything faster than a snails walk, my eyes would roll in my head, causing me to well… fall over. It kind of reminded me of the time I got sea sick, when I was very young. I can hardly remember it really.

So this week is looking to be a busy one as well. I’m meant to be going to the cinema with some friends tomorrow, after which we’ll probably grab a bite, there’s some debate over where to go, and then on Wednesday I’m meant to be going down to Bristol for a night out – if this one even happens, I keep trying to plan these things and people are just so annoying about it. Then I’m off to Bournemouth come Saturday and I may never come back to Hereford, well not to live, because we’ve had an offer on the house, so by the time I come back, which will probably be Christmas time, the father will probably had packed up and house and moved in with his girlfriend, possibly in Bristol, because they have to find a place and buy it yet.

Honestly I’m going to miss this place, I’ve lived in this house for a long time now, the longest time I’ve lived in one house for if I’m counting right, although with my math skills I may just be wrong. Plus I’m going to miss my alone time, since I’m not going to have much at the new place. Although he is thinking about buying student flats and houses, so they might be empty for the summer and I might be able to stay in them and what not, as long as no one wants them for the summer, although he only seems to be looking in Manchester, not that I have a problem with that city. I actually really quite like it. But it might be fun to live somewhere a little different, since my brother lives up there right now and all that jazz.

So I’m starting a savings book in the hope that it will help me save money this year in the hopes I will have the money to go to Japan and what not next summer. Although if I don’t make all the money and am only a little short, I’ll have lots of cash to burn going potentially inter-railing and if we don’t do that, I want to go to the USA next next summer – my last summer or University.

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