On trains that won’t go…

SO the exam yesterday went alright… better than the last time.

But there was some trouble with the trains. First I thought I had got a return ticket, but hadn’t so I had to buy another ticket – I’m meant to be saving money. Then the train to Bournemouth was a couple minutes late so I missed my bus and had to walk to the university or risk being really late to the exam. Which wasn’t good for my knee, but it hasn’t swelled back up so I think it’s still on the mend. But of course because I speed walked/jogged for half an hour I was sweating like anything when I got there and of course didn’t have my ID card, although that was all OK.

The exam itself wasn’t so bad, I’m think I did well on the essay since I was writing right up until the end. I have never done that before I always finish early, but stay till the end in case I think of something else to add to an essay or something. So now it’s the waiting game. I have no idea when I get my results.

Then on the train ride back, which was a little different from normal, because apparently there’s some work being done on the tracks somewhere – the guy that sold me the ticket was really nice and he even printed me out a thing telling me where I had to change and everything, so that made the whole journey easier. But halfway through the last journey the train stopped and when it tried to go again it sounded like the cars were coming part or something, little scary, but I had a nice cricket player to keep my company. Although the back of the train and the station smelled like weed.

The father’s girlfriend says she likes the smell, but I’m not sure if I like it. I don’t particularly dislike it or anything either, but I wouldn’t say I liked it. It’s more I don’t want to stink of weed for the rest of the day unless I’m the one with it.

Well that’s my exam days done, until next January I think. Although I’ve got coursework and in-class tests to look forward to, unless I fail my exam again, in which case I do not want to go back, because I don’t want to do four years. I suppose I’ll get a job, perhaps abroad and just work until I find something else I want to do that doesn’t need a degree.


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