Where there’s a will there’s a way…

So I’m down in Bristol, been here for a day or so and surprisingly or not surprisingly – depending on how you look at it – I’ve been working hard on revision, for the looming – honestly doesn’t feel like I’m going to take it tomorrow – exam. I feel more confident on the subjects, not confident, but more confident than I was, which was bashing my head against the walls, ‘I know nothing’ so anything is more confident.

I’ve decided to take a leap of hope and only really revise 2 of the 4 topics that could come up for the essay section of the exam, because I’m a glutton for punishment, I guess. I have done a little revision for one of the others, but I’m hoping it won’t come up or one of the questions will be one of the subjects I revised, because otherwise I’m pretty much screwed.

I did some practice tests for the multiple-choice part and got high scores, so I’m mildly confident I can get an OK mark in that part and if adolescence comes up as an essay question, I’ll pass this thing – yay!

Other an that, I found out I stupidly removed my ID card from my purse and so don’t have it, but I rang up and the guy I talked to said he would inform the invigilator and as long as I turn up on time, then everything will be alright. Well if the bus or the train is late I’m going to have to sprint to the room and I’ll still only be 10 minutes early at the most. Also I’m still not 100% sure I know which room I’m in, I think I know, but because they put it down as K101 on my timetable, I think that means Kimmeridge, but I’m not sure. I sent them an email asking – with the incorrect spelling on Kimmeridge in it – but they still haven’t replied, so if they haven’t by this evening I’m ringing again, although not the same guy, because that might come across as super stressed out and what not and I don’t need him trying to calm me down…

But after this exam I’ve just got to sort out my friends coming down and then it’s party time for me. I don’t care how everyone else is feeling – I’m lying there – I’m going to have a wild time – I’m probably not lying there.


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