The reconnect procrastination…

So today I got a call, during watching the new Cinderella film – I actually quite liked this take, it has some good nods to the original and all that jazz, but it’s nothing compared to my unwritten re-write of the fairytale – because what is the best way to procrastinate? Buy a film you’ve been wanting to see and watch it straight away. Any ways the call… so I saw it was from a private number, so I sent a text – because you can do that now – asking about why they were calling and I was busy – the usual, because I was busy – and they left a message. So I thought oh perhaps it the brother – sometimes his number comes up as private for some reason, no idea why. So I checked the message – I just realised I’m using ‘So’ a lot here – and it was from this guy in the Penzance branch of Santander. I was like ‘I wonder what this could be about’, then he rang the house, so I picked it up, halfway him leaving the same message and guess what. He has my purse. Apparently someone turned it in after seeing the Santander Card inside and my money was still inside and my provision. I literally hit the ceiling. I mean it!

So he’s posting it down to me, after putting the money into my account.

Although that poses a problem, because I’m going to Bristol tomorrow or the next day, which means that if I want to go out there like I had planned – alright I hadn’t thought that through completely – I would want my provisional, but I won’t be here to collect it in the post and since this address is my address on there system, then they can’t send it anywhere else – makes sense, but I had to ask. So now I’m trying to think of ways to get the parcel to me. I thought about asking my friend to come round and grab it. I would give her a back door key, plus she could check on the cats for me as well – double tap – but I’m not sure if that would work out, because I would probably have to leave the key outside somewhere or give it to a neighbouring friend to give to them – because I can’t invite all my friends to Bristol, because the father’s girlfriend’s house is not big enough, which is why I’m only really inviting 2, 3 max.

Since I’m now thinking about inviting a friend who, I went out this last night – it wasn’t good for my knee, but it was good fun and showed that we do not need to be drunk to have a good time and do crazy stupid things. He’s been at university until last week, so this was the first time we’d seen each other in forever really. A whole bunch of us went to Frankie and Benny’s, where apparently it is a horrible place to work and we were the second to last table there in the end, I felt bad for the waitress.

Although we had a – joking – bet on to see which one of my friends to could pull this waiter, needless to say they were both to shy to even really try, but we did it for the shits and giggles more than anything.

So I’ve been trying – and mostly failing – to revise all day, for this steadily approaching exam that I have on Tuesday – oh the horror! I have made some progress that that’s only with about half the paper, since this one is half essay, half multiple choice. I’ve been focusing on the essay part right now, by going through past papers, but I can’t remember what was on the exam I took – and didn’t do well in, hence the resit – I remember one of the questions – the one I did – but not the other. I feel like if I could find that out that would cut into he amount of stuff I would have to revise, because they probably won’t put the same topics on this paper. I mean some people have better memories than I do.

Although going over this stuff, I do remember some of it, not much, but some. So that’s… promising?

I also got a new coil for my atomiser, so I’ve been vaping all day and setting off the smoke alarm, as per usual. I try not to. Like I open windows and close doors, but I left the door open to go to the toilet and it went of right away. I just hope I don’t have a smoke alarm in my new room. Because if I do, it will be going off a lot.

Since we worked out the room issue. Honestly I think it got settled quite nicely and I ended up with the room I wanted, so all’s good in the butterfly girls world.

Although I saw a picture of Mr First, at a party or something on facebook and it just reminded me of how long it’s been since I got laid – whenever I use that word I feel so… masculine, not sure why, maybe it’s just one of those things.

I feel like I need to update my blog a little. I was looking at it the other day and was just… there isn’t a word. Let’s just say, less than satisfied. I feel like it doesn’t really give off the right… vibe. It kind of looks super girly and childish. But I have no idea when I’m going to change it, probably after my exam or during procrastination time, but I’ve still got Jupiter Ascending to watch, so that’s going to really cut into my procrastinating time.

So I heard this song the other day and by the other day I mean like over 2 weeks ago. I like it, so I’m posting it.


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