The days that were away…

So I’ve been down in Cornwall for the last week.

I couldn’t really get online, so instead of blogging, I just went ahead and wrote a paper diary style thing, but on my phone, instead of paper. I mean there was wifi around, but I just couldn’t be bothered to try, although last time I tried to blog from my phone, it didn’t work out.

I was going to just write them back out here, but after starting that, I’ve reconsidered and now I’m going to go through and just make a more brief review style thing of the trip away.

I ended up staying at my friends place and although we left at 4:30 am, I didn’t get to bed/sleep until about 1 am, so I ended up having to sleep a little in the car. Fortunately I wasn’t the only one in the car, with my anxious friend, who had a… break down on the way back, so in the end her parents had to come and pick us up, which was an 8 hour drive – there and back – for them. If I’m being honest I think she could have done it, if she had taken the time to calm down, before calling her mother, but I guess that’s just my opinion. Plus she said something that proves we’re both very different people. She said “You wouldn’t run on a broken leg”, but I said that I would. I mean I would if it was the only way. I mean I’ve never had the safety net that she has, with her parents and all.

Although saying that I had a little… breakdown myself, about two thirds of the way through the holiday. Although it was all just going a bit wrong.

Even before going, I didn’t feel like it really and then when we got there, everyone was a bit down or something, but I just blamed that on being tired. But then when it rained for quite a bit of the trip, everyone was a little down about that, although we still had some good time. We drank most nights and one of my friends decided to take it upon herself to educate us in pubic hair grooming “Girls it’s a garden not a jungle, it’s a garden not a patio”.

On the second day I did something a little stupid and got stuck on some rather smooth rock, that looked less smooth from the ground. My friends had to save me. We also saw this seal really near the beach, bobbing around on the ocean. I did try and take some photographs, but I’m not sure if you can tell what it is, from the photos.

As I already said, we drank most nights and on the second night, me and my friend had a heart to heart, over cigarettes, she’s a bit of a chimney at the moment, although her boyfriend is completely off the cigarettes, so she might go that way soon. He’s more into vaping now.

I’ve noticed that quite a few of the things that I like, get really big a month or two later. Not that I like ever trend that appears on the years. I’ve just noticed, recently, with vaping, although that was already on the rise I guess and because I’m a vaper I probably just notice it more, but also other things as well.

Any ways back to the holiday, one of my friends got rather drunk on vodka and decided it would be fun to invite a randomer to drink with us, he just laughed – fortunately.

Although after that she started to really piss me of a bit, during the rest of the holiday. She was just really judgemental and pissy. I mean we were in her tent, so she was getting all up in every ones grill about keeping it clean and then we had to re-peg it when the wind picked up. I don’t know. It was really just her judgemental attitude that got to me the most. One of my friends is becoming a bit of a druggy – I guess. I mean my others friends voiced their negative options of drug use, but she just said nasty stuff behind that persons back and she got judgemental, about us smoking and what not, saying stuff about ‘how we think we’re so cool because we smoke’.

My friend invited me to a vaping event – yay! Although Mr First was going to be there and he has a new girlfriend and a crazy ex girlfriend, so maybe it was a good thing we never got together. I mean I’m not into breaking up couples, so I won’t be asking for anything.

Not that I would turn him down if he wanted to shag a bit. But unfortunately it was vapefest that she was inviting me to, so we couldn’t go in the end. So now I’m looking for other UK vaping events, there really isn’t that many at the moment. I suppose vaping hasn’t taken off the way it has in America, because I hear there is loads over there.

So the 6th is Jamaican independence day. So what did we do, we went to the seal sanctuary and saw some seal, plus other aquatic and non-aquatic creatures.

The next day we went shopping in Penzance and we went down to the beach to make a fire and drink booze together. Halfway up the hill back to the camp site, was when I had my little… break down. I try and stay away from my friends, but being concerned two of them came back and found me.

The next day, which was our last drinking day and also the warmest day we had down there. It was lovely and sunny. So we went to this nearby cove, which turned out to be a harbour, which I jumped off of. It was higher than I thought and the water was colder than expected. When I got out I couldn’t feel my arms and legs, so I ended up cutting my foot and ankle of the stones steps on the way up, then we did some swimming and had a lovely BBQ.

We had planned to have another beach fire, but in the end we stayed in the tent and drank the champagne someone had drought. I’m not really into champagne, but mixed with lemonade it was pretty good. Although some was left over in the end and I didn’t get drunk.

Somewhere among all those drunken – or drunken-ish in my case – two of my friends got to making out and basically humping in our compartment of the tent. One of them has a boyfriend, but she did admit to me, if she didn’t she would get with the other and they joke about it all the time and are really close, which just reminds me of my own singldomness. I think I might be a bit of a commitment phobe.

I also went to see Inside out – the film – and lost my wallet, in Penzance somewhere. And on the last day we went to the aquarium,

We left a day or rather night early because of a thunder storm that was meant to be coming, which is probably why my friend had a break down on the way back.

Any ways that’s all I can remember/be bothered to re-write out.

I’ve got so many things to do this week, such as revision, getting a new debit card and provision license, checking my loan and I’m meant to be going out with my friend who has just returned from university, to name a few.

I also want to go to these two festivals. Although I think one has sold out, because I can’t seem to buy tickets, although it doesn’t say they’re sold out and I promised my friend we’d go to Bristol and go on a night out there, since I’ll be going down for my resit – because Bristol is closer to Bournemouth and all that jazz.

My knee has also swollen up to twice it’s normal size, although it’s becoming less painful, so I haven’t done anything about it really – yet.

I was going to call 111, but since it feels better I reconsidered that option, plus they’d probably just tell me to rest or go see a doctor/my GP and I can’t really do that until the end of the week any ways – if I went to me GP, maybe not even then.

I’m really considering finally getting my tattoo done sometime this or next year, although I’m trying to save for Japan. I also want to buy some more vaping mods and what not, like a rebuild-able atomiser and perhaps a new box mod.

And then of course there’s the ongoing ‘hunt’ for a dominant. I did tell one of my friends that I’m a submissive, but not the others, although one of them said it in jest once while we were away. I don’t think she could handle learning that about me. She didn’t know there was such thing as Lesbians or Bisexuals, until she met me in high school – her words not mine. I found it funny that I was the one to enlighten her to such things, as I was in the closet back then and all. Now I’m an out and mostly proud – of it – pansexual woman. Wow some people would really hate me, dark skinned and a pansexual, they would have a field-day.

Every summer my inner wanderlust filled daredevil wants to come out – not that I’m saying she gets to see the light of day, but she wants to. I mean I just want to do something crazy. Not like get super black out drunk or something slightly silly like that. I mean just take off and go to another country on a whim, sort of crazy.

Disappear or a week or a month or just a weekend. Not that it would really be disappearing, no one would notice I was gone, unless it was a month and my friends were trying to get hold of me to meet up. I live alone and the father doesn’t come back too often these days. One of my brother’s only comes back for special occasions and when he’s passing through – although he is meant to be down here for over night or for a day in the middle of this week – and the other is going to Canada for who knows how long soon, might even be going tomorrow or all I know. He’s a little less than talkative on such subjects. I’m not too bothered, I just hope he’ll do the same for me, if I ever don’t want to tell him where I am in the world. If I ever do break down and run away.

I’ve already professed my desire to bed hop around Europe if not the world, to my friends, although I said that I wanted to have a friends in every country, so I would never have to pay to stay anywhere and of course they could stay with me if they came to the UK or wherever I live in the future.

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