Just add warm water to de-freeze….

So I’m off to Cornwall tomorrow. Well I’m meant to be off to Cornwall tomorrow, although I don’t really feel like going any more. I mean I just can’t seem to get excited about going and now I have no idea how I’m going to get to one of my friends houses, because they’re driving us all their, so that I can go. Which sort of just makes me want to go even less. I think I’m just on the down right now and once I get there – if I get there – then I’ll feel better about the whole thing.

So because I’m going to be away for a week, I’ve been trying to eat all the perishable things in the house and what not, although I froze a bunch of the vegetables, so I don’t know how their going to turn out – hopefully good, but I did over cook them.

I’m also contemplating whether or not to take my work in progress novel down with me, so that I can continue to work on it. But then I’m hoping I won’t have the time for that, because I’ll be out in the sunshine doing fun stuff with the friends. Although – I’m using that word a lot this post – one of my friends said it might rain. So we’re all hoping for sun sun sun…

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