Take a week away from home at home… summer!

So I went down to Bristol for a week, last week. To stay with the father and his girlfriend.

It was nice to have a change of scenery. I actually started writing again, properly. I’ve written about 24 A4 pages front and back – of Angels for Flesh, but I’m going to change that sometime soon, since I don’t like it very much. Although I didn’t spend my entire time writing, I also went swimming with the father’s girlfriend, which just made me want to go swimming more, since I haven’t been swimming in a swimming pool in forever, because the one in Hereford is really quite expensive, at least it was the last time I went, so I don’t think I can afford to go there often really.

We all also went to the Suspension bridge, which apparently is actually quite depressing place, because it the place where the most suicides happen in Bristol and going there I can sort of understand why, it’s got a nice view and I think if I was going to jump off something to try and kill myself I’d want a nice view on the way down. Although that would mean that I had planned my dead.

We also went to see Ant-man on Friday, which was more funny than I thought it was going to be. So that was nice, since free stuff is always nice.

The father’s girlfriend was working the Harbour festival, in her friends stall, so we went down to that on Saturday, we also tried to go to the planetarium, but the last showing had already started, so we wandered around the harbour festival and I people watched and noted the large amount of groups of guys and couples there were around and couples with male third wheels. I think my friend would have liked it, since she’s looking for a man, to be in her life or in other words a future boyfriend, as we call the guys, we point out when walking around.

But it was all very nice, being away for a week and what not, getting to see Bristol and all the graffiti and artist stuff it has to offer. But it’s nice to be home as well, I guess. It seems as soon as I get home all my friends get busy, but the cats are happy to see me, especially the kitten. So that’s something I suppose. Although I want to go out, like a night out sometime soon, although nearly everyone is busy next weekend and most of the rest of this week, we’re going to the Brecon Beacons on Wednesday, to try and find a waterfall. Although Hereford isn’t the greatest place to go on a night out in, it’s a little… boring I guess is the right word, I don’t really want to go clubbing here, maybe go to some bars or something. I’m just looking for a summer fling now.


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