This is Summer..?

It’s summer right, I mean I’m not imagining things, right?

Well I suppose the heat and sunshine should answer that question for me. It’s been beautiful this past week or so, which has been lovely, but also it’s been horrible as well. The beautiful sunshine just makes my Wanderlust – or I guess it’s Wanderlust – even worse. Let’s just put it this way I’ve been thinking about running away or rather running wild since I went to Stonehenge, at least once everyday.

But then I need to find a job. The search continues… and it’s not going well really. I mean I’ve been applying, but no answers so far and now I’m going to try and sell my short stories, because apparently some of them are alright, or maybe even good and that’s coming from none bias outsiders, so I’m believing it for now. Of course I still want to enter competitions, but I need the father’s check book for that, because I need to pay with a check and I don’t have one myself.

Money, money, money, right?

And speaking of money I went and bought myself another subscription box of e-liquids, so yeah I’m trying to save, but I’m spending instead – just a wonderful plan right?

So any ways life has been chopped up into long sections, with gaps between hanging out with my friends and what not. I’m not going to say this summer break is going well, but I’m not going to say it’s not going well. I could be stuck in this house with absolutely nothing to do, while all my friends go on holiday, so it’s better than that and I’ve been spending so quality time with the cats, who are going to be relocated – most likely – by the time I come back for my next holiday.

Recently – in ┬áthe grand schema – I’ve been thinking about going to a lesbian establishment – I like that work establishment – since having the epiphenomena that I was pansexual or as my friend likes to say ‘greedy’, I think actually meeting some girls that I can trust – because I have trust issues, when girls say they are bisexual, for many reasons, mainly experiences – are actually into girls or women might be a good idea. I mean I think I’m actually a lot more picky and more likely to want a relationship when it comes to females than males, to be honest right now I just want a fling, so something relationship-y, but not a full fledged relationship, an open relationship if you will. Because I can actually handle them, as long as you don’t rub the other people you’re with in my face – who would want that, honestly?

I’ve also been thinking more and more about my tattoo or lack there of. I know I want to get one and I know what I want, well I’ve sort of added to what I want now, before it was a tramp stamp, with two Latin words and a butterfly in the middle of them – Latin because that makes it hard to read and I’m a little, very slightly, obsessed with Latin and that sort of thing and a butterfly because I’m also slightly obsessed with butterfly mythology (I even wrote a report on the subject) and it works for what the tattoo means – but now I’ve extended that to also have a rose – slightly Celtic looking I’m thinking and no colour, because that’s cheaper in the long run – growing out of the left word and the letter ‘L’ in-bedded somewhere in that rose, I’m not sure where yet, but I know I want it to be there. I’m thinking of just getting the Latin/butterfly part first and then going back and getting the rose part after.

But any ways in life as a whole I have not much to report. I’ve just been going through the motions, or that’s what it feels like these past couple days, but I’m probably going to the Beach this Friday – Yay! – possibly with a dog, so that should be fun and I’m going to see if my bisexual girlfriend and I mean ‘lamp’ (see past posts to find out what a lamp is) wants to come with my to find – because there are apparently none in my city – a lesbian establishment(So if you know of any ‘nice’ lesbian establishment in the midland area, don’t be afraid to let me know). Although I was looking online, because where else would one look? And I found this one site where you could search gay establishments, sorry but I’m a stickler, and to me gay means male homosexuality and lesbian means female homosexuality, I know a lot of people use gay to mean both but that’s just wrong – at least I think it is. Alright maybe there shouldn’t be more than one words for a homosexual person, but since there kind of is 2 different types male and female couples, I suppose it makes sense, I mean there only really one type of heterosexuality, technically speaking, I guess.

But whatever.

Although if I ever have children I’m going to teach them that the words gay, means ‘happy’ – for those that don’t know that’s the old meaning of the word – because I was watching this video of these children being asked about gay marriage, since it’s been legalised in America now and everything and it was really interesting I thought and slightly funny. I don’t see why people would think that children wouldn’t be able to handle gay marriage, unless you have been obviously homophobic around them or you just want them to be homophobic, I think it would be nice if it was normalised. I also think people should take marriage more seriously, than some people do these days.

One of my friends has recently gotten engaged, well she says engaged, but it’s really more of a promise ring than an engagement ring. Although I was surprised at first and she’s only 17, but they’re not planning on getting married any time soon, she hasn’t even told her parents yet – I hope the father is still alive when I get married.

A couple of my friends were shocked to silence, because they thought she was asexual.


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