Meet the sun…

So it’s been a little while, since the last time I posted.

Recently I went down to Wiltshire, for 4 days. We camped in this cute little camp site, with lovely people and all that jazz, less than 10 minutes drive from Stonehenge and since Stonehenge was one of the reasons me and 2 of my friends decided to head down to Wiltshire, I think I did well picking that camp site.

We went down there for the summer solstice and to watch all the Pagans in action as the sun rose over the stones.

Unfortunately, the whole celebration, was a lot less Pagan than I was expecting, or perhaps we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, there were estimated to be 4 thousand people there and honestly there might have been more, huge lights had been erected and port-a-loos were clustered everywhere. There was also a lot of food options to choose from, which was great for us, since one of my friends is gluten-free.

So of course as soon as we arrived and trekked across two long fields to get to them, we headed straight for the stones, since the summer solstice is the only time of year you can touch them – apparently – so that’s what we did touch them and tried not to inhale too much weed smoke, because the centre of the stones seemed to be rave central, with lasers and lights and I could swear I hear amped music, even though we weren’t supposed to have that.

I did see a couple Pagans and I think some druids. We also think that someone may have gotten married, because we saw a women in a white dress with another in a yellow, bridesmaid looking dress and two guys in suits. I think it would be nice to get married at Stonehenge, just I wouldn’t want to do it in front of all those strangers, but to each there own right?

So because it was so cold – yes it felt freezing, even though there were some people walking around in t-shirts and shorts, crazy! – we moved around a lot and therefore had some fun people watching. Apparently 9 people were arrested and there was meant to be police sniffer dogs, but we didn’t notice any, although we did see some police people wandering around, but that didn’t stop people lighting up joints and getting rather high. Me and my friends just got a little drunk and smoked cigarettes, nothing harder than a cushion there. I also took my new – as I now call it – E along and vaped on that a lot.

And as the sun rose over the stones, the sky turned pink and yellow and grey, because it was a little cloudy, but I think that just made the sunrise look even more beautiful. And hundreds of selfie sticks went into the air to take photos of the stones and sun rising over than.

As we had to get back to the parking lot by 6 am, we headed out a little early and watched the sun properly come up from a random field, but it still looked beautiful and was actually a little nicer and a better view of the sun, than when we were squished between a family from Japan and some Swedish – sounding – students.

Although the rest of Sunday was a beautiful day, we ended up sleeping through the majority of it and had to get Chinese take out for dinner because that was the only place open after 4 pm. But Chinese 2 days out of a weekend isn’t so bad, since the people were lovely and the food was good.

Yeah, so other than the amazing trip down to Stonehenge, I haven’t been up to much, but trying to find a job and looking after the cats, oh and creating my grimoire. I was actually going to make and bind my own book, but in the end I’ve just got a small leather notebook, which I might decorate, although right now I’m just thinking about making a protective charm for it and learning some Runic, because that’s what I’m writing in, in it.

I actually spent quite a while finding the right lettering to use in it and Runic worked the best for it, since the letters are relatively simple, but they still look nice and aren’t completely easy to guess what letter means what, since there not all like English letters. In the beginning I was going to write in Greek or Latin, but that just didn’t work out.

So now I’m just starting research and what not for my protection charm for my Grimoire and then I’ve got some other ideas as to what I’m going to do after that.


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