If I was only a little more… let’s product this summer…

So the job hunt continues, but now I’ve come to realise that I might not be able to get a ‘real’ job so I’ve taken to the online route in an attempt to make some money and I came across product testing, alright so this sounds a little too good to be true, they sent you products to test and review and you get to keep the product, one site stating that they could send you such things as iphones and what not technology!

Alright so if I got my hands on the latest iphone I would instantly sell it, mainly because I’ve got a contract with my current phone and I’m not really a very gadget-y person, also I know those things sell for loads and I would rather have the money than the phone right now, so I thought better check this site out, I was looking at producttesting.uk.com by the way and after one search for reviews of the site, I found 2 sites/blogs stating that the whole thing was a scam – oh well there’s goes that – apparently they just want to get you’re contact details, which they then give to 3rd parties – read the fine print before entering information into any site – and then you get lots of spam emails and cold calls – oh the joy.

So then I went looking for real or none scam sites for product testing and there’s doesn’t look like there is any, so I’ve given up on that route, and I’m not looking into reviewing sites and products and what not, instead. Since I do buy quite and go to see films and listen to music and what not, so I might as well try and make some money off of it, I even looking into ones that I could attach to this blog, but I’m thinking I might not go down that route quite yet, since I don’t want to fill this blog with ads and what not, but I might review stuff on here, as long as the site seems fine and all that jazz. Got to do my homework on these sites, since I’ve found a couple review sites and I’m still filling in online surveys and I’ve earned quite a bit, alright only £2 on one site, but they send me about 1 survey per month or so, so taking that into account the payment isn’t bad and I’m only going to ask for payment at the end of the summer, so I’ve got a couple month and one of the other sites I’m on, I’ve got 170 points, with 100 points equalling £5, I think, so that not so bad, alright I’m not making much, hence why I really want to find a real job.

Honestly I’m now looking into live-in jobs, so that I can look further a field, not that’s not going much better than the job hunt around here, I’m also now trying to find a cheap place to take a short break with the friends, because, one of my friends needs motorway practise and I thought a short break could be nice and all that jazz, since at the moment we have next to nothing planned for the summer and I want to at least do something, that feels slightly productive or something this summer.

I’ve also been looking for a site to sell stuff on, since I was going through my wardrobe the other day – meaning about 2 days ago – and I saw some of my old toys and clothes, which I know I am never going to wear again and I thought I could just sell this stuff – or at least try and sell them – now usually I would just got to ebay, because that’s easy, but after last month that’s no longer a option, so I’m looking for a new site and I found this one Preloved, which looks interesting, but I’m still looking around and what not.

Oh and I’m selling my university notes online, or rather trying to, but I’m not expecting anyone to buy them until September time really, because I’m hoping next years 1st year might want them. Although I have had some people looking at them, so there’s hope.

Quote/saying of the day: Oh, the summer night, Has a smile of light, And she sits on a sapphire throne. – Bryan Procter

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