After all of that… here’s some more!

So all my exams are over – yay!

The one today went as good as it could go really, apart from the fact that I finished  an hour early, so I spent the last hour writing a conclusion and trying to think what the dates were for the studies I used. But I suppose it was good that I managed to finish so quickly I hope, since one part was multiple choice and I only spent 10 minutes finishing 40 or so question and then 20 writing the essay and checking my work. At least I hope it’s a good sign, I mean the topic I wanted to came up – perception – so I knew all I could know about that and I think my essay was as good as it was going to get, although I’m not so sure about the multiple choice answers, although one of the questions didn’t have the right answer listed – I checked later – so I’m not sure what was up with that and I changed a couple of my questions when I was checking, which is not always a good thing with me.

But oh well it’s over and now I’m going to go and eat Japanese food with my friend and possible try sake, which is apparently like vodka and since I like that, I’m hoping to like this and potentially get a little tipsy. Then it’s back home tomorrow and then on Sunday I’m heading up to Nottingham to see the cousins for 2 days and then summer break truly begins.

Although I’ve been expecting a package all week and it still hasn’t arrived, so I’m a little worried, but hopefully it will arrive tomorrow – finger crossed and all that jazz – if not I don’t think I’ll be getting it, since they return any parcels to sender and I’m not sure if the sender will resend it, or give me a refund – I at least hope they do one or the other and don’t just keep the product without doing anything.

I’m also expecting a parcel at home on Monday/Tuesday, so I’m a little worried about that since I won’t be around most of Monday. And I’ve still got to buy my brother his birthday present and sort out a day to doing some planning for our trips with my friends, because that’s got confusing, plus some other stuff. Now that exams are over I can properly focus on the rest of my life and all that jazz.

And then there’s the job hunt, although I joined a whole bunch of online things to try and earn/save money during the holidays, but I still want to find a ‘real’ job, since I think that would be better and it would pay better, plus there’s the added bonus of being around actual people, which although I may not always like, since a simply bad thing, so I’m going to continue applying and hoping to find something, simple close and well paying, or just simple and close and pays minimum wage, because that’s all I want right now and all I really expect. Although I found a dog walking job and after looking online I found that dog walking usually work for £7+ p/h but since I wouldn’t consider myself professional – I used to have a dog, but haven’t for a few years, that reminds me I have to find the cats a new home for when the father sells the house – I think I’m going to only ask for £7 p/h and see how that goes down, since they ask applicants to tell them how much they would work for, and the job is just a 20-30 minute walk away, so it’s great for me and there’s the added bonus of getting exercise on the job and then walk or possible cycling there as well, since I’m going to try and work out more this summer, because I have hardly any muscle any more and I like being slightly toned – not monstrously muscular, that’s not for me, but toned a little here and there is nice, plus exercise can be fun and all that jazz.


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