In the aftermath we search…

So in the aftermath of my exam today, I decided to do a little internet surfing, which included a lot of job hunting, since I got an email from one of the ones I’d applied to letting me know I wasn’t right for the job – sadness, but I’m moving on.

So any ways on the wander of the internet I came across this article about a girl who refused to shave and I just thought I bet feminists are jumping on this one and cheering her on and what not. I’m just going to say this now, I’ve got nothing against this girls choice, it’s her body and as long as she’s not doing anything to harm herself, then I see no reason why she shouldn’t be allowed to do what she wants with it. But I feel like these day that a lot of so called ‘feminists’ aren’t even feminists at all, but… I’m not sure what the word is. Basically it just feels like they’re trying for female dominance, instead of male dominance. And I always thought that feminism was about gender equality. Maybe it’s because I don’t see there as being, as big a problem with gender equality in this country as there used to be, by hey maybe I’m just not privy to it and that’s why.

But I feel like a lot of feminists that I hear about are just making mountains out of molehills, such as naming their children gender neutral names and a dressing them in gender neutral colours and all that jazz. Sure I get the whole gender neural vibe that’s going on here, but what if their little girl liked pink? Or got teased for having an odd name? I don’t think we should even associate gender with names to begin with, there problem solved and then again I’m met a whole bunch of people, who by their name you probably wouldn’t be able to guess their gender. I think my own name is slightly more female, but I do think it could be considered male just as easily.

However in the case of these feminist I do see that they are really trying for the whole gender neural thing, although I think it’s fine for people to associate with a certain gender, sure I myself associate with female – I see myself as a female only sort of thing – but I wouldn’t say that I act stereotypically female or male, I think it depends on the situation and other such factors for me, but then some people act very masculine and some people act very feminine, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t associate with the opposite – you get what I’m trying to say here.

Any ways as I was saying before I got a little sided tracked, a lot of feminists these days – that are media-ized – seem to be pushing for a female dominant world and as much as I love females and what not, I don’t think I want to live in that world. Alright females are strong, brave, beautiful talented and all the rest, but that doesn’t mean that the world doesn’t need males, sure sometimes males can be… bad, but so can females. So I think I like the, what I’m now seeing as, old feminist message of equality of gender. Honestly I would like if the world was one big equality, but that will never happened, because there has to be differences and opposites, such has higher and lower classes and what not, because of the way most humans work.

But moving on, I’ve got one more exam and then I’m free. Me and a couple friends are going out Friday night for some dinner, since I’m leaving Saturday, so we won’t be seeing each other for a while – 3 to 4 month dependent. But even though I won’t get to see my university friends I’m still super looking forward to the holidays, even if I don’t get a proper job, which I’m still trying to do, I’m going to try and have a good summer. I’m also going to start working out again, since all the muscle I did get last summer, has probably finished turning to fat by now and I’m anticipating having my top off for a large portion of summer.

Quote/saying of the day:┬áThere has never been a statue erected to honour a critic. – Known.

Oh it’s also my brother’s birthday today, although I sent him a text, I was going to call as well, but it got a little late and I sill need to buy him a present. He asked for clothing the last time we talking – the other day – so I’m thinking I might try and get him a funny top or something like that, since we have super different styles, although he said I could get his ‘fashion clothes’ whatever that means. I’m no really fashionable. I mean I like fashion and I used to keep up with it, although not really wear it. As I always say; ‘I’m not fashionable, I’m stylish’. I believe that every person has their own style, even if it doesn’t – to me – look very good, but then I bet some people probably think I look terrible, but I don’t care, I like it so I wear it, although sometimes I just throw on whatever and hope it works.

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