In need of a better memory…

So it’s exam week.

And with the imminent disaster of an exam tomorrow, I’m not feeling to good today. Why do both the questions have to be essay style, why couldn’t one of them be multiple choice, or both of them in fact.

So I’ve been trying to revise the fervently wishing I had a photographic memory, because right now I feel like I know¬†NOTHING! Although I’m hoping Pro-social behaviour and personality come up, because I think I might just be able to pass with those questions and personality, has come up on the last 3 exam papers, so I’m thinking it’s a usual for the lecture to use, since we only really do two topics, personality and Intelligence and since we already sort of did an essay on intelligence, I’m hoping for personality, to be at least one of the questions – there’s 4 and we have to answer 2. Also they didn’t use pro-social behaviour last year, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign it’ll come up with year.

So basically I spent most of the day freaking out, about how little I know and trying to cram as much into my brain as possible, but every time I even look at past paper questions, my mind goes blank and I just can’t think of anything that could answer them, I’m not looking forward to tomorrow in the least. I’m still got to do proper Social revision and finish my Individual revision, because the way I was revising before now makes me want to lobotomise myself or something – I know I’m being sort of overly dramatic today, but I can’t afford to fail this exam, although I don’t think I’m going to be super well, right now I just want to pass and even that feels like a pipe dream.


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