To become a cloud chaser with Oh…

So recently I’ve been getting into vaping, or should I say getting back into vaping. I was doing it a little – starting out – last summer and I really enjoyed it. But then it sort of trickled off a little over the new year, then my battery broke, so I had to buy a completely new device, because the atomizer I have is really basic and it was loose, so it was leaking liquid all over the battery, so now I have a new battery and 2 new atomizers – yay! I also went ahead and got myself some new liquids from my so far favourite provider – that is super cheap, because I have no money – Flavour genie. I know it’s not the best place to buy from, but for the price I think it’s pretty good, since I got some others and they were more expensive and I really didn’t like them, so I went back to flavour genie, but I have been looking into other brands, such as the ones that have more mixes, since flavour genie just sells basic flavour and not all these mixes that you can get – oh the wonders.

I’ve also been thinking about getting a new device, since the one I’ve got it pretty simple, but I don’t really have the money for that right now, although there are some really interesting ones out there, but apparently there are some that can be pretty damn dangerous, if you don’t know what your doing, so I think I’m just going to stay clear of them.

I also learned about the existence of e-pipes, which I think are really cool and e-hookah, which is a device you attach to the top of your hookah and can put your e-liquid in, which made me want to go out and buy a hookah right away. I have been staying away from really – none e- hookahs, because of all the supposed health issues with them, but now I’m like, give me! I want to try that, although one of my friends flatmates has a hookah, not sure if he’s smoking or vaping though she didn’t say and I don’t think she would know how to tell any ways.

I also thought it would be a good idea to get a e-cigarette – zero nicotine though – it’s a disposable and I’m hoping it will arrive tomorrow along with my new liquids and – fingers crossed – my new charger, because I’ve lost my old one, so I just got a super cheap one to replace it, but of course forgot to check the postage, so I don’t know when it’s going to arrive and I’m going home next week, so I’m just praying it’ll arrive this week and I can try my new liquid – yay!

So yeah, basically I spent a large portion of the day watching videos and reading reviews of mods and e-juices/liquids to try and find the ones that might suit me, I’ve got a list at the moment, which I’ll slowly be trying – if I get around to it and can find the money to do so – I’m thinking right now that I don’t really like the box batteries that a lot of people seem to have, mainly because of the size, but I saw this istick and iTaste, which I think look more to the size I want, I just don’t want something as bulky as some of the others seem to be, but the cylinder styles ones seem to be the ones that I should stay clear of because apparently you have to know your stuff to really use those and I’m not willing to potentially blow up my hand and face just to vape, I’m not that big of a vaper. This is just a hobby, I suppose to me. So I’m not looking to spend too much money right now, but I still want an alright vaping experience, I mean I get you’ve got the spend the money and the time to get something really good, but hey ho, maybe this ‘hobby’ will developĀ into something more…

So any ways other than vaping book worming, I went to see Home – the new film – with a couple of friends and since it was a children’s film I was expecting it to be a little… not what I would perhaps want in some places, but it was a pretty good film, quite hilarious and sweet really.

After the film we headedĀ to the beach, were two of my friends got a little crazy and went paddling I should say it’s not at all warm out, perhaps a little during the day, but not at night, then they proceeded to sing – loudly – Disney songs, while passers by looked on with fear and worry. So since we were frozen and my friend had been craving cheese stick – I think that’s what they’re called – since yesterday, we heading over to McDonald’s. I was going to have dinner there, but then I reconsidered, thinking I would eat when I got home, a yoghurt doesn’t really make a meal, but that’s what I’ve been eating for dinner the past couple of days, because I can’t be bothered to cook or other such reasons, but I have to eat the food in my fridge, so I’m going to make myself eat a proper meal tomorrow, before heading over to my friends for more Big Bang Theory watching, because that seems to be what we do now when I come over – oh big bang is funny though.

Quote/Saying of the day: Try being informed instead of just opinionated – Unknown


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