The sequel or prequel for tomorrow…

Alright so my friend came down for the weekend last weekend. It was great to see her, since it’s been a couple months, she came down, because it was her birthday the weekend before and my birthday… tomorrow.

We ended up heading over to one of university friends places, for the afternoon and then down to the beach for the evening. My friend had misplaced her ID at home, so she didn’t have any otherwise we probably would have gone clubbing or something like that. But it was a fun night, so I’m glade she didn’t, although getting slightly accosted by drunken guys, wasn’t the greatest thing in the world. I mean getting half shouted at my a group of guys in some language I couldn’t understand, not wonderful, but hey ho, life goes on and we had a good time otherwise.

Although I did feel rather like a delinquent – not for the first time in my life – because we were drinking and smoking on the beach, something about that felt a little like something a delinquent would do. Plus I had to pee really badly and we were far away from anywhere I could think I could use the bathroom, so… I peed on the beach, in front of one of those little house things they have. I mean I’m not really the sort of person that pees in such public areas and all that jazz.

I also may have spilled my guts to her about some stuff, I now wish I hadn’t, but the combination of nicotine and alcohol can be a potent combination, when it comes to my filter.

But because I’ll the stupid person that I am I felt my essay for that weekend, so I had until 12 on Monday to write a 1500 word essay and I did manage it, actually I wrote more than 1500 words and I think it was alright, maybe even pretty damn good. But I’ll fine out sometime in the future I suppose.

It strange, but it doesn’t feel like it’s my birthday tomorrow and I still can’t think of anything to get my brother – we’ve got the same birthday. He and his girlfriend have sent me a present, which I super great-full for, since I couldn’t think of anything I wanted, so my other brother said he’d give me money. But with this I feel even worse, not being able to think of a present for my brother, might have to sent it home even so – if I even think of anything – because I don’t know his address.

So as I had previously planned, I’m going to spend my birthday doing pretty much nothing and eating the cupcakes I make, perhaps watching some potentially bad films and maybe doing a bit of wallowing in my own misery, just to cap things off.

It’s been really annoying, but recently the fire alarm in my house, has been going off for no reason, it’s done it twice today already and did it at 3 am last night, fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I wasn’t trying to sleep then, so that’s all good, but I’ve got a fire alarm in my bedroom. A very loud fire alarm that I have wanted to smash to pieces several times in the past 12-24 hours or so. But I’m going out this evening and I’m hoping that it doesn’t do it again, or I might end up not being able to get my security deposit back.

Quote/saying of the day: How old would you be, if you didn’t know how old you are? – George Meredith


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