If only Christmas was sooner…

So it’s been a while since the last time I posted, I did mean to post, after I got back from the Mockingjay premier, but every things been a little hectic, as the work has been piling up, as the Christmas holidays draw near – I’m so looking forward to the holidays!

The premier was horrible, but fantastic, as I got to see Jennifer and everyone and even Dan – from Dan is not on fire – and Phil turned up. It was horrible, because unfortunately the people behind me, as I managed to get a spot at the front – yay – spent the entire time – even before people started to arrive – pushing me, so at one point me feet were in one place and then my head in another and I couldn’t stand up straight, because of this German girl who had pushed in, However I did get autographs from all the main people, although because I’m quite short and was being pushed around, I didn’t get very good pictures, as people kept putting their books and what not in the way. Me and my friends also got the posters off of the barrier that we where ‘standing’ against.

Overall I’m glad I went, but I don’t think I’ll be going to the Mockingjay part 2 premier next year – can’t believe we have to wait another year to watch the next part.

So yesterday me and my friends took a trip to Poole or rather back to Poole, as I sort of live in Poole, but I had to get a bus into Bournemouth and then another into Poole to go to the cinema to see Mockingjay, sure there are cinemas in Bournemouth, but we had these free ticket things for the cinema in Poole, so waste not want not and all that jazz.

It was a great film and not half as slow as everyone kept telling me it was, I mean my brother told me the book was really slow, but the film wasn’t. However about 5-10 minutes into the film we got evacuated from the building and out into the rain, which was just heaps of fun – not.

And at one point during the film this girl started to either laugh or hysterically cry, I’m honestly not sure which, I mean if she was crying I suppose it was understandable, it was the nasty bit with Peter.

But I do love the music from the Hunger Games films.

Well on Friday I’ll be off to Castlepoint to watch the Christmas lights turn on, well at least I think that’s where we’re going and then there’ll only be 2 weeks left until I’m off home again – yay. Although next week I’m got my house inspection and they’ve given us a list of things to clean, but since it’s not till next week I don’t think I’m going to put my name next anything yet, although I might put myself done for the bin, as it seems that only me and the other girl in the house actually ever take them out. I’m interested to see what the guy downstairs says he does, because at the moment I don’t think he does anything, I did mop the kitchen the other day and I clean the microwave after myself or if I notice it’s dirty when I’m going to use it and sometimes wipe the over top, although I must admit I haven’t cleaned the bathrooms at all yet, although I’m not sure who has, because sometimes I will go in there and see or rather smell that someone has done some cleaning in there. So I’m going  to wait a little and see what other’s put there name down for, although as soon as someone does I might just do it as well, as I think I might go for the bins, because I already do them and cleaning the floor in the kitchen/living room. I can’t remember how many things there were, but I think 2-3 each if about even or something like that and we all have to do our own rooms and all that jazz, but I’ll think about that more Tuesday-Wednesday, as I have those days off next week, so I can sort everything out then, so the house is lovely and clean. But at least this week I know that they are coming and when, so I can do some washing and not be on the edge of my seat about it and all that jazz, speaking of which I might do some today. Although I’ve got this online focus group to do, but the rest of the members aren’t doing anything so far and I’ve not got the questions so I can’t really start it up for anything, so I’m waiting around for the person with the questions to do something and get the ball rolling a little bit, since we’re meant to have done it by Friday and to have at least started by today – oh well.

So recently I’ve been a little hooked on this book series; The house of night. It’s about vampire and the main character is this unusual fledgling vampire. I’m on the second book of the series, and have put the third one on my Christmas list, yes I have a list, although I just put everything down and don’t expect to get most of it, although it’s mainly books. Such as this one that one of my pals – they’re peers who give us a ‘lesson’ each fortnight or so – was talking about in our last pal session; The Wisdom of Psychopaths by Kevin Dutton, since I’m interesting in psychopaths and sociopaths and the like, I thought it would be an interesting read – I hope. My friend got me this book on the brain; the private life of the brain and I haven’t really been able to get into it, but maybe that was because I wasn’t really in a factual mood, more a fiction one, as I’m all about facts with my coursework, so a bit of fiction is nice.

Quote/saying of the day: The psychopaths are always around. In calm times we study them, but in times of upheaval, they rule over us. – Ernst Kretschmer


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