What would you do on the clock?

So way back when, I used to have this little… habit of asking people – my friends mostly – if they had a certain amount of time to live, would they change their lives and how?

So people usual gave the generic, I’m not sure and then offer a simple answer when prompted, something along the lines of spending time with the family or doing that one things they always wanted to. And recently I’ve been thinking about it again, but I also now wonder, would people actual do the things they said they would, or would they just keep going on the way they have been and I want to test this out, but then I’m not sure how and of course I need some people to test it on, a little experiment for the future me. Although some things I don’t think I could get people to do, because by the end of it they would be completely broke and have to live in a tent, like apparently one of lecturers did for the first year of university, because he didn’t want to pay to live in halls or anything like that. He doesn’t recommend it though, so I’m glade I didn’t think of that way of saving money.

I was thinking one night stands, but that involves knowing where I’m going and not getting too drunk, two things I’m not super constant on when I go out. The group I go out with all get pretty drunk and it’s the sort of group where – most of the time – if you’re not drunk-ish, then they’re not as fun to hang out with, as when you’re also drunk-ish at least. I haven’t really been hanging out with the last couple nights, I mean I mean to sometimes and then just end up not, but I do need to get my hoody back, I was hoping to see her sometime in the day, but no luck, maybe tomorrow. It would be nice if I knew where she lived so I could just go over, but I’m not sure what number it is, so yeah. I’m not really the sort of person to go around knocking on people’s doors until I find the right one, because I will probably have to go around the entire student village and then not actual go to her house at all – I just have that sort of luck with these things. But hey ho the worlds still turning and it’s not like that’s my only outerwear, just my favourite.

I’ve been trying to keep on top of my spending and have been doing pretty well so far, but I don’t know how long that is going to last, although I think I can see a statement online, so if I do loose track I can get back to date from there, but the online banking for my new bank has a weird set up and I don’t really understand it very well, but I suppose I’ll get used to it – in the end.

Quote/saying of the day: Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but moreover by the number of breaths that take your life away – unknown

So I went searching for the author of this quote, because I thought I knew who wrote it. I was wrong, apparently the true author is unknown, but wrote it for a card and got paid next to nothing for it.

So since I went shopping with a friend today, in between lessons, since we had a 3 hour gap, so we grabbed lunch and went food shopping. I now actually have food, which means I can repay my friend for cooking me dinner, by cooking her dinner. I’m thinking I’ll text her tomorrow, asking if she wants dinner tomorrow evening. Since I have another free day tomorrow and then again Friday – I’ve got such a free week – I’m going to straighten my hair tomorrow, look how out of control I am, straightening my hair on my day off – whoo!

I was planning my week around my friends visit, but she couldn’t get this weekend off, so she’s coming down on the 11th  October, instead I’m just hoping that I don’t have any assignments to finish that weekend, because I have a lecture 9 o’clock on Monday ever week, so it seems Sunday will be my day of rest for this semester at the very least. I’m quite looking forward to her coming down, because I’ll be able to show off my amazing university life to her – oh wait it’s basically like my old life, with new people and a new place, oh well, she doesn’t have to know that, she’s only coming for one night.

I’ve been trying to write again, although the noise outside has been distracting and I’ve not got much inspiration, as the seaside was less inspirational that I was hoping, but maybe that’s because I went to the busy commercialised bit or something and a less busy bit might be more inspirational, but I did get inspired by my shisha at one point, so I’ve written 2 short stories and am working on another, which I think is pretty good going and all that jazz, since I haven’t actually written in a while, but I think short stories are best for now.

So if you had say 10 hours left to live what would you do?


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