Once wrong and the night gets shorter

So I wasn’t intending to go out last night and now I regretting that I did, since I spent both mine and someone else’s money going from my place to the club and then just straight back to mine again, as I had absolutely nothing on me, bar my key to my house. I didn’t think I would need anything else due to the fact I wasn’t really intending to go out with the others and just have a few drinks with them before hitting the hay, which is pretty much what happened.

Although I’m sort of glade I didn’t get in, because I’m sure I would be completely out of it today, if I had stayed out last night, considering I’m feeling kind of funky this morning and all I really want to do it sleep.

But it was an experience, although I don’t think I would have gotten back if I hadn’t been slightly drunk, but then I probably wouldn’t have been in that situation if I hadn’t been slightly drunk. I probably would have had my stuff or not gone at all.

So after scavenging some some money off people for the bus – low moment in my life right. It should have been then that I should have told myself to go home, but by then the booze where leading me around – I chatted with a couple guys on the bus, which was nice and all that jazz. And then ran around the street trying to get back to the university, after being turned away at the club, where I gave someone my wrist band so they could get in cheaper – aren’t I a nice person. See I don’t think I would have been able to get a taxi like I did and get back to my place, if I hadn’t been a little drunk, but then if I hadn’t been a little drunk I don’t think I would have gotten on that bus, with only my house keys in my pocket and nothing else. I think I would have gone and got myself at least my purse or ID, but no a drunk me in an irresponsible me apparently. But like I said this is one experience that will follow me and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Like perhaps tonight, if I decide to go out tonight. But I might go shopping this afternoon sometime and buy myself something to drink and all that jazz and also something to eat, like something a little more than just rice and pasta. Which is basically what I’ve been living on for the past week now.

But then I’m still really tired, so I don’t really wanted to walk all the way to Aldi, since that is the only supermarket I know how to find, although I might do what a bunch of other people seem to be doing and that’s having their groceries delivered, but that would mean having to wait until Monday for them to come and I want some stuff today, so I might just push myself and go for it, after another nap or two to get my strength up.

Quote/saying of the day: Bad decisions make great stories – unknown.

It seems like I ended up handing around my shisha to everyone last night, as most people didn’t seem to have ever seen one before or they were doing tricks with it or people just wanted to try and taste. But it seems every time I get it out people are all over it, but I think if I do again they won’t be because they’ve already seen it and everything. Although someone asked me to blow smoke rings and I just couldn’t do it, which was a little annoying, because I have been doing it fine these last couple of weeks or however long it has been since I learnt to blow them.

So I’ve been trying to sort out my week – next week. As to what I’ve got free and what I haven’t got free and all that jazz. Since I’m still  not 100% sure if I friend is going to be able to come down here, although I hope she does, because it will be nice to see her and all that jazz and I think she’ll like it here, since it’s… more than where I used to live and they’ll be some stuff going on when she’s here I think, so that’ll be good.

I’m not completely sure that I actually like this song, but hey ho it’s in here now…


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