Some new things, with money on the mind…

So today…

My group managed to get our entire study finished today, so that was good, although I felt like I wasn’t doing as much as I should have been, but hey ho the world still spinning… right?

So about halfway through our second ‘data gathering’ session, which for us, was just writing up our poster, I had to go to a lecture thing on all the different aspects of the student village – where I now live. It was pretty basic stuff about fire safety and about not annoying our neighbours and respecting the officer when you’re drunk and he’s trying to get you to do something, that when you’re you don’t want to do all that sort of basic stuff, although I did see a couple people who I might need to talk to and all that jazz, so that was good.

After the ‘lecture’, I went into town with my house mate and his friend – the house mate who is 30. And we wandered around a little and all that jazz and I got to know Bournemouth a little better, so I think I’ll be able to pick my friend up next week from the train station. It was fun, although the house mates friend got me a drink and being me I got a little hyper and somehow more tipsy than usual, but it was interesting and also being me, by the time we were sitting waiting for the bus to arrive, I was thinking about making out with him, but understanding what a bad idea that would be, I didn’t, as I think he’s getting married soon and all that jazz.

So after arriving back at the University campus I met up with a friend from psychology and we went to the uni bar to watch drunk people sing karaoke, since neither of us were up for it. I mean I would have been after a few – hundred – more rum and cokes – because that’s what I decided I was drinking today. But she had to go early due to the buses not running late to where she lived, as she lived in one of the uni-let houses, so we left quite early into the singing, as people had actually bothered to go up and sing and some good songs as well. But then on the way back to my place, I ran into some people from outside house 50 and they wanted me to go back there with them, but I thought ‘I’ve got to get up early tomorrow, let’s hang out with them tomorrow’, because my group finish our study today, we don’t have to go in Monday, so I can just go out all weekend and that will be great, I also have next Friday off, but then my friend might be coming down next Saturday, so I don’t want to get too drunk Friday night, but I can Thursday and then take Friday off and then go out with her Saturday, as I have now got my student loan – yay! – I can actually spend money now and more or less not have to worry, too much. Although I have to remember what I have spent so I can make sure I don’t spend over my weekly allowance, as I’ve still got to go and buy some more food and what not, as I’ve got to cook for my friend when she comes down and cook dinner for my other friend some time soon, because she cooked for me, so it’s only fair there.

Quote/saying of the day: Time is even more valuable than money, you can get more money, but you can’t get more time. – Jim Rohn


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