Social things that the brother brings.

So I was looking into flavoured cigarettes, as I’ve recently become something of a social smoker.

I know smoking kills, but there are ways to try and prevent it from killing you, not that they all work and with my luck I will probably die of it, even through I hardly even smoke, as I said social smoker. And I’m not just one of those people that says that, because they don’t want to admit they really do just smoke smoke smoke…

But any ways, I was looking into flavoured cigarettes, as my friend had this liquorice – I think – flavoured roll ups and I like them, more than straights at least. But then I stumbled onto shisha.

Now I’ve heard about shisha before and considered trying it, but then I was reading these articles about how bad for you it was and that sort of put me off a little, but then I stumbled upon e-shisha, which as far as I can find out doesn’t have any harmful side effects and isn’t addictive, as the way I understand it it’s easy to get addicted to cigarettes and then it’s a costly habit to keep up, as at the moment I just bum fags off of other people, since I don’t smoke by myself – so it don’t cost me a thing, most of the time.

So now I spent a little time looking into e-shisha and then decided hey why not try it, you tried smoking, so give this a go, since to begin with I was heading towards e-cigarettes, but roll ups are far easier to come by, when you don’t want to shell out cash. So now I’ve gone and got myself an e-shisha pen and some liquids – Limeade, lychee and mango flavoured. I thought the limeade sounded interesting and I love lychees and mangos, so hopefully I will like it. I only really got three because I’m rather indecisive and if I bought three I got one random one free, so I’ll be sitting by the post flap until they arrive and then hiding in my room for a while trying it out, because they’re e ones you can use them inside and don’t have to stand out in all weather, getting rained and snowed on and what not – if we even get any snow, which I hope we do.


So other than shisha, today I went to pick up my older brother, as he’s stay over for the weekend, because heading off to god’s knows where to do whatever it is he does and all that jazz. But he seems happy and healthy and he’s got himself a girlfriend, who from what I can gather from him, seems like a nice, although slightly wild, girl. But a bit of wild can be good.

Quote/saying of the day: Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time. – Steven Wright

My brother had this written on his top today, so I thought I’d use it as the quote of the day.


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